I lost hope and feeling as if I had no purpose, and I want to return as I was

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My problem is that I no longer have any feelings or feelings, just a vacuum! I do not know what to do, as if I lost my mind, as if I had no purpose, and I have strange thoughts in my head. I do not know what to do, I do not know what to do. , And sometimes I feel that I reverse my thoughts, I do not have a fixed opinion, my memory has become weak, and began to confuse memories, and I have memories of old for no reason, not important, sometimes I repeat the songs myself without feeling.

I have become distressed and want to get out of my body. I do not have a clear vision, as if I have lost the distinction between wrong and right, and for the whole time I talk to myself and ask endless questions, as if I were in a whirlpool repeating every day who I am ?! what if?! Will I stay like this forever? And so on.

I do not feel the world around me and I do not interact with it, as if I were in a dream that does not end, and once I return to my nature until the obsessive whispers that I will return to this situation, or that the hated will hit me, I must be careful and watch my actions and calculate everything for an account I do not know what my condition is, knowing that I have been taking Seroxat for 8 days, I do not feel any change, and what is the best medicine for schizophrenia? Can I take it with the Seroxat? How long does it take to heal and how to prevent it? I want to take back my life and my activity, help me!images (1).jpg


Do you spend a lot of time on your own?