Simple Nude Life

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I've been away from here for forever. Why? Because life is a spinning top that never seems to slow down. How much can one wax on about nudism? I'm super jealous of people that can write or blog or vlog about it all the time. It's like anything on the interwebs, a select few influencers make it look like a super exciting life where everything is sunshine and rainbows and no one poops.

Well, everyone poops.

Life is mundane, even for nudists. I still have to do my dishes and feed my cats. I just do it nude. That's the only thing different. I worry about money, I worry about what to make for dinner. My lifestyle isn't some glamorous show. I poop just like everyone. I probably wipe more than textile folks, but I digress.

My life is pretty normal. Which means that sometimes I get caught up far away from here and don't write for looooong stretches of time. I doubt anyone wants to hear about me running my vacuum in the buff or doing copious loads of laundry (yep, work clothes, towels, kids stuff, a million linens that never seem end).

I can't make this glamorous. I can't fluff it or stretch it into something more than it is. It's just a simple nude life. Occasionally I catch myself in the mirror and I realize how lucky I am that I can enjoy this life in such a way. It may not be the life of an influencer, but it's my life, and it's a good life.

Do some dishes this week in the nude. Run your vacuum. Do your taxes. Enjoy your mundane life just a little bit more. You won't regret it.


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