Meet Flora, our beautiful daughter

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Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

I´m so excited to tell you that our daughter Flora was born. It happened yesterday, on Saturday November 4 and I´m still so full of all kinds of emotions that I cannot even organize my thoughts and lines for this post. Saying that it was not an easy delivery would be a terrible understatement. My wife had to go through a lot during the past few days and I will admire her for that for the rest of my life. Thank you @liltammy, I love you and I will do my best to help you recover as soon as possible. Flora, I love you too and I hope we will be good parents to you. You are our first baby and there is so much we need to learn and take care of now to make sure that you start off on the right foot in this world.


With that being said, it´s also obvious that my time here on Hive will most probably be reduced to practically zero from now on. I´m sorry guys in advance for the lack of engagement and for not even being able to keep my regular weekly initiatives alive anymore. I don´t know for how long. Sorry. I have always been a single tasker and now, I need to take on the biggest task of my life. Thanks for your understanding.



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Congrats @phortun and @liltammy that's so awesome. Welcome to the world little one. It's going to be busy on your side for a good long while, wishing you all the best. Rest while you can and sleep when she sleeps, it makes life a little easier.


Busy on our side indeed and a good point with the sleep as well. I have been suffering from insomnia for years but now, it´s a whole new level :D :/ But we will manage somehow. Thanks for your kind wishes and useful tips!

You are the most awesome father under the sun and on the sea! Flora could not have asked for a better life guide than you! 💙🤍LT

Občas si to nemyslím, ale zvládneme to... Spolu :*


Vitaj Flóra! Blahoželáme a prajeme hlavne veľa zdravia. Flóra je zlatučká a má už teraz viac vlasov ako ja! Musím sa priznať, že jej trošku závidím 😂 A to meno!! Krásne 😍

Tvojej manželke prajem skoré uzdravenie! Užívajte si ju, ževraj rastú veľmi rýchlo 😊

Moc děkujeme za krásná přání a milá slova! Florinka je vlasatice po mamince, ta měla taky hned po narození takovou kštici :) Jsem rád, že se ti jméno líbí, zatím mi podle ohlasů přijde, že se víc líbí v zahraničí než v ČR. Ale to je jedno, je to naše (mezinárodní) květinka ;)


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Enjoy every moment with your daughter and wife! It is a huge step, being a parent!

Flora, welcome to this world! 😍

Thank you! Huge step indeed and some very intense new experience since the first hours :)

Even though I already knew, I still wanted to read you and I was brought to tears by those words of admiration to your wife for the great labor! 🥺 Flora is a really beautiful baby girl! And I loved that name. Congratulations to both of you! I am so happy for you guys! You are going to be great parents! 🤗 I can't wait for our daughters to meet. Big hugs to you guys! And best wishes for this new stage and for your new family! 🤗🤗🤗

Awww, thank you so much Eva! I cannot wait for the moment when our daughters will meet either. They will be good friends :) Best wishes to you and your new lovely family!

Welcome, Flora!

Congratulations @phortun @liltammy
It is the most wonderful experience - being parents.
You're gonna be amazing parents, I know it.
Lots of love

Thanks buddy! We will do our best, that´s for sure :)

Oh.My.God!! I csnnot express my excitement and how much I am happy for you both! I have been checking your blog thinking of how are things. I wish the speedy recovery to you beloved wife and all the best in the world for your sweet daughter Flora. You ARE a good parenth already!

Hugs, cheers, !BEER and !LUV 😘

Thank you so much my friend, we really appreciate your kind words and wishes :) Little Flora says hi! :)

Awwww ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations to both of you 🎉🤞🏻🥳🥳
Welcome to this world Flora 👋🏻😊

Speedy recovery for her 🤗
Enjoy all the little moments.
We see you back when you are ready.
Take care, big hug and much !LUV

Thank you for your lovely wishes and encouragement! Much appreciated :) Take care!

You are welcome @phortun 😊
How is everybody doing?


Better. Every day better ;) Thanks for your concern!

That’s good to hear 🤗
You are welcome. Keep us informed. ☘️

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Dear @phortun, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @littlebee4.

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I was waiting for this news.

Congratulations my friend, I wish you and your wife that God will give you the wisdom you need to raise your baby in the best way.

To your little girl Flora! may God bless her and may she have a healthy, prosperous and very happy life.

I hug you tightly, and I thank you for letting us know that you will take a break, when you come back you give me my prizes. @phortun 🫠

Thanks for all the beautiful wishes amiga and no worries, my regular contests will be back soon, I will see you there! ;)

Yay, I'm so glad to read your post. Congratulations on becoming a dad and welcome Flora, the newest member of the Hive family 😀

I wish all of you all the best in the world and take your time as family is the most important thing!

Thank you Erika. In fact, I was thinking about opening an account for her here on the very day of her actual birth but things got too hectic and I didn´t make it happen. Will do it later ;) Thanks again, have a nice day!

You can do it anytime and treat it as a saving account, not a bad idea, you know? 😉

Yeah, that was exactly my idea ;)

Great minds think alike 😉 😎

Let me know when you set it up so I don't miss it in the crazy rush of life.

Congrats Peter, so pleased to hear the good news. And welcome Flora, what a beautiful name!!

Thank you Pauline! Glad that you like her name :) Florecita says hi!

WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! A great blessing for the little flora and for you @phortun friend and your wife @liltammy .... You will be excellent parents, that's how it will be!... A big hug for all of you!!!....

!discovery 40

Thanks for your lovely wishes and support my friend, Florecita sends hugs and greetings :) Cheers!

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💗 congratulations dear @phortun and @liltammy 👶🏻💖
May God bless Flora 🏵️ with a long and healthy life. We will miss you here at Hive but like every parent now your priorities will be different and it's time to be with your family and enjoy the experience 👨‍👩‍👧. Come back whenever you want or when you're bored of changing diapers 🤭🤭
Much love to three of you 🥰🤗

Thank you amiga! Already missing you all guys but the first weeks are really tough and yes, changing diapers is a big part of the new routine that repeats every 3 hours, day and night :D Having been insomniac for years was a good training for sure but this is a whole new level :D

You're welcome my friend 🤗 and we miss you, too.
😬🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh my god 🥴😬 I'm sorry you can't sleep 😵🤷🏻‍♀️ or better say, they don't let you sleep 👶🏻🤭🤭. I can try to imagine how hard must be those first parenthood days but I think reality surely surpasses any imagination 🤭🤭.
Cheer up 🥳🎊🎉, don't give up 💪🏻 👊🏻 🥱, someday flora will have to grow and you can sleep 🤭😴🛌🏻

"Some day I can sleep", haha, thank you, very kind of you :D Well, the problem with caring for a new born is that you basically have to sleep when he / she sleeps and that´s not possible for me as I´m an insomniac and it takes me much longer to fall asleep than it takes to people who don´t have this problem. But I can function quite normally even with just 2 or 3 hours of sleep per night so I will survive somehow, no worries :D ;)

🤭🤭🤭 sorry
"the problem with caring for a new born is that you basically have to sleep when he / she sleeps" 🤔 they have told me that newborn babies don't sleep 🥴😵🤭.
You can function with just 2 or 3 hours of sleep? Wow, that's a superpower 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Well, I wouldn´t call insomnia a superpower, rather a curse but thank you for suggesting that I might be a superhero like you :D

Hahaha, well, When I said superpower I was not referring to insomnia but to the ability to have a productive and "normal" day having only slept two or three hours, not everyone can do that so you also have something of a superhero 😉👊🏻🦸🏻‍♀️
Have a great day my friend since it can't be at night 🥴😬🥱😴🤭🤭🤭

Congratulations!!!!! Hive will still be here, and now definitely is time to change the focus. You'll be parenting like a boss in no time, you'll see. All the best, mate! !BEER

Haha I wish you were right my friend but most of the time so far, it feels like I have no idea what I´m doing :D :/ Thanks for your wishes, cheers to Portugal!

Everyone probably feel the same in your place so... fake it till you make it! 😉 ! BEER

Haha I will! Thanks mate :)

Congratulations and best wishes for the whole family. You are entering a new chapter in your life, it's not going to be easy but all parents are grateful for the chance of being a parent in the end, it's the natural cycle of life. I'm sure you are going to be a great father for Flora (what a beautiful name) and relieve with her the sweetest part of life, childhood. Don't worry about your activity performance, all of us parents out there will understand and support you. Be blessed! 👨‍👩‍👧

Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words my friend, it really means a lot as the first days have been very exhausting, both physically and mentally... Greetings from all 3 of us! :)

Enjoy yout time with her as intensly as possible - they will never be that small!

Thank you :) And well said, she has only been here for some 10 days but she has already grown a lot! Incredible to watch it happen right before our eyes :)

Wow congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your daughter Flora.

Thank you very much! :)

My friend, the days of freedom are over haha, the best Love of your life has just arrived in your life and he needs all your attention and all your love. Because you are going to be your daughter's first love. I wish you all the best, may she always stay very healthy and many blessings to all.

"Days of freedom are over", haha, thanks for letting me know :D Seriously, I appreciate that you took a while to stop by and leave your kind wises here ;) Greetings from Prague!

there is so much we need to learn and take care of now to make sure that you start off on the right foot in this world.

Congratulations to both of you, for stepping into a new world called Parenting, that will give you opportunity to test your patience.

Thank you very much my friend, you are spot on with the patience test haha :)

Na tento post jsem se těšila ❤️ Užívejte si malou Floru, mysleli jsme na vás celou sobotu ❤️

Já vím, kluci psali, jste zlatíčka ;) Pamatuju, že když jsi oznámila to datum srazu, tak jsem psal, že v tom termínu budeme dost možná rodit a nakonec to fakt tak vyšlo :)

A já jsem zrovna u oběda říkala, že by to bylo super, kdyby se prcek narodil zrovna v ten den 😊

Jestli u oběda, tak tou dobou už byla Florinka na světě ;) Narodila se už ráno.

Congratulations, @phortun @liltammy for your precious Flora! It is absolutely a life changing event! You will never be or think the same, from that day on... Congratulations!

Thanks for your kind words and lovely wishes my friend, we really appreciate it :) Florecita says hi!

Oh what a beautiful name, I've been waiting for you to take this step, I really wanted to ask you when you were going to introduce us to your treasure and look you did it much sooner than I expected.

I wish you good health, may your daughter bring you only joy, and I wish your wife a smooth recovery.

I can't tell you from my own experience yet, but I think this is the best time to start, now it's time for the three of you to learn what the threesome life is like, because you already know the couple life very well.
I'm very happy for you three.

Aww, thank you my friend :) Yeah, we have been enjoying the benefits and freedom of the "couple life" for many years and now it´s time to move to the next level and that´s parenthood. Very new for us, very unusual and challenging but we will adapt :) Little Flora is such a sweet and tiny cutie pie :) Glad that you like her name. Thanks for stopping by again, have an amazing day!

I am so happy for you and especially when I read so much happiness when you type these touching messages.
You know, time flies, so take advantage of these moments.
I can't wait to see the first posts of you walking Flora around the park in her stroller😉

Well, honestly, it´s not just happiness what we are experiencing these days, there is a whole scale of emotions ranging from fears and frustration to joy and euphoria but they say it´s normal in the first weeks :) We actually took Flora for her first stroller ride yesterday, it was so cool :)

Glad to hear that from you, I have a few friends who also have a child and yes, it seems the feelings are the same.

Hearty congratulations! All the best for your family ❤️😊

Dziekuje bardzo! :)

Congrats mate! May she have a good and healthy life 🙂

Thanks buddy! That´s what we hope for too :) Cheers!

Tak hlavně zdravíčko pro celou rodinku.

Moc děkujeme! :)

I wish you, your wife and your newborn daughter a lot of luck in life!

Thank you for your nice wishes!

Welcome Flora! Good health and happiness to her and you, her parents! ❤️

Thank you Sofia! Florecita says hi :)

¡Qué bonita! 😊🌼

Many congratulations to you and @liltammy on the birth of your daughter, Flora. It is understandable that you will not be on Hive much. Being a father and partner especially at this time is so special - embrace and enjoy it all. All the best wishes.

Thanks for your kind wishes and understanding :) I appreciate that you took a while to stop by and leave this nice comment here :)

Tak už je to tady :-). Teď teprve začneš "ochutnávat" ten pravý život :-)
Mnoho štěstí a zdraví celé rodince!!

Děkujeme :) Jen by mě teda zajímalo, co jsem ochutnával doteď :D

To bylo jen takové "šolíchání" sám za sebe.
Teď máš zodpovědnost za další dvě osoby a to je ten "pravý" život :-)

Sami za sebe jsme byli, ale zase jsme viděli kus světa a pro někoho může být pravý život právě tohle :) Zodpovědnosti teď každopádně přibude, o tom žádná. Uvidíme, jak se s tím poperem :)

S tvým sklonem k perfekcionizmu to určitě dáte :-)

In the same way, when there is a child, a person is very happy and very emotional, especially when there is a daughter, the father is very happy because the relationship between the daughter and the father is much stronger.

Thanks for your comment, there has been a lot of emotions indeed :)

Most welcome dear.

I'm delighted for you man and for @liltammy too. All the very best with being a Dad. You'll be a natural I'm sure.

Not even two weeks into parenting myself yet and I already have the utmost respect for everyone who managed to raise a kid, let alone multiple kids like you. Kudos to you guys!

Ha ha, It does get easier! Things are a bit upside down for the first 6 weeks until they find a routine and know the difference between day and night!! Very rewarding, but definitely not easy!

I hope you are right mate and very good point with the day vs. night thing. So far, despite all our efforts, Flora is still more active at night than during the day and it has been taking a brutal toll on our sleep routine...

Congratulations. Welcome to the world little cutie 💓 🥰😍😘. Please grow fast because your daddy has lots of things to do :)
Take it slow. You are your own boss. 💪💪

Aww, thank you for these lovely words and wishes :) No worries, we will take it step by step. Parenting cannot be rushed :)

o chlape..gratulacie!!!!
nova etapa zivota zacina, uzivaj kazdu sekundu..

Nová etapa indeed haha, moc děkujem! :) Btw jsem rád, že to tady pořád čekuješ, i když sám nic nepostuješ ;)

Hive will always be here for you when you are back @phortun and there is no need to say sorry as it's an understandable situation. We can't wait to hear updates from you and I wish both you, your wife, and your little one a happy and healthy life ahead! <3

Aww, thank you very much Gabriela! :) Yeah, I would love to write some updates as there is just so much going on every day in our lives now but time has been an increasingly scarce commodity... I hope to find a little free slot by the end of the week though. Will see :) All the best from Prague to Sibiu!

Hugs from Sibiu to Prague, to all 3 of you 🙏🏻

Congratulations my friend, I hope your daughter is always healthy.
Hopefully you will be the best father for your daughter.

Thanks for your nice wishes buddy, I will do my best :)

You are very fortunate to have the beautiful daughter, and even more fortunate to appreciate your wife and this gift.

All the best to you and your family. With your approach to parenting, the next few years should go very well :)

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, I really appreciate it :)

Congratulations 🎈. Being a parent, Life is full of responsibilities. Husband is responsible for providing everything to his wife and his childrens and if we bringing up our kids in a good way, they will be a fruitful tree for us.

Some true and poetic words here, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving this nice comment here :) Cheers!

Congratulations!!!! Flora is here ;)

Never mind Hive, they are the ones who need you now!

Yeah but as one iconic movie line goes: "I´ll be back" :D Thanks for swinging by! Florecita says hi :)

😍 Florecita, Hi!!! Welcome to Hive.

Nice! Congratulations for you guys! I'm sure you are going to be a great father.

Thanks Przemek! We are doing our best but it´s been really hard :D Everything is so new for us after all those years of being just a (nomadic) couple... But we will adapt ;)

Aren't nomads the most adaptable people anyway? :)

I guess you both have some sleepless nights in these last days, don't you?

Nomads should be adaptable indeed but it´s a huge difference if you are only responsible for yourself or for other people as well ;)

Not literally sleepless as I usually get 2 or 3 hours of sleep per night these days but yeah, it has been harsh even for someone with a decent insomniac background like me :D ;) Hopefully it´s just the first weeks and then it will get better...

Gratulace vám oběma. Vlastně všem třem :))

No vida, tak jsem se po deseti dnech dostal i k tvému komentu :) Moc děkujeme. Všichni tři. Je to fakt záhul, ale počítali jsme s tím :) Kdy začne být rodičovství na pořadu dne u vás? Hádám, že si asi budete chtít ještě nějaký ten rok užít ve dvou, ne? ;)

Rozhodně :) Ještě tak tři roky si počkáme, řekl bych :)

Jo, tak nějak jsem to čekal. Asi mám vcelku správnou představu o tvém (vašem) věku ;) Předpokládám, že významnou částí těch tří let bude i cestování, tak ať toho do té doby stihnete vidět a zažít co nejvíc. Ono to samozřejmě asi nějak jde i pak s tím prckem, ale bude to určitě složitější. Jak moc, to nejspíš brzy poznáme sami :)

Jasně, máme ještě pár zajímavých lokalit, kam bychom se chtěli podívat předtím, než uvážeme k dozoru v režimu 24/7 ;)

Congratulations 💚

Thank you! :)

Awwwwwwwwwww I’m screaming here!!!!!

Congratulations dear friend, bringing another human into this world is not an easy feat.

I'm sorry guys in advance for the lack of engagement and for not even being able to keep my regular weekly initiatives alive anymore.

We are fine man, go do your daddily duties and we will be right here rooting for you😃😃

Screaming? Wow! :D Well, all the kudos for bringing another human into this world go to my lovely wife, she had to go through a lot to make it happen and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

Thanks for your sweet comment and have a nice day! :)

Přeju hodně štěstí do dalšího života celé Tvojí rodině. Umím si představit, co Vás čeká.


Cute little baby girl congratulations. May she brings everlasting happiness to your door way

Thank you very much for your kind wishes :)

Congratulations, man! That's great news. I hope you have a wonderful life with your child and that he/she has a happy life with you. Flora is a great name, give my regards to @liltammy.

Thanks mate! :) It´s a girl btw, I thought it´s quite obvious from the name too hehe :)

Man I'm not feeling good these days :( Yeah that's obvious for sure

No problem mate, I hope you are felling better already, no matter what it was...

Yeah I'm feeling better, my father was sick again and he is better now too

Glad to hear that. Take care guys :)

Oh, how sweet little Flora! Sending big hugs 🫂 to your small family👨‍👩‍👦. I'm sure you'll be good parents to her. Congratulations!!

Thank you! Little family sends hugs and greetings back to the Philippines :)

Congratulations! Welcome to the beautiful world of parenthood.
Flora will have an excellent and committed father, you will learn the rest along the way.

Aww, thank you! Florecita says hi :)

Big congratulations to both of you guys! My wife and I were asking each other every day, did @phortun get his baby or not... 😃


Thank you very much and I´m sorry it took me 11 days to get to your comment my friend ;)

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