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RE: ¿How you handle balls?

in #life5 months ago

And I wasn't going to tell you anyway.

Really? ¿How comes you wouldn't dare to tell me?

But this doesn't teach you anything about me.

Well, you didn't tell me how you handle balls after all.

That's the part you get wrong.

Show me where Damien!

You're smart though. Continue to build.

Yeah, you too bro. Continue to build!



lol nice trip down memory lane.

I wasn't going to tell you, because you acted like you already knew the answer. How would it be possible for you to be wrong?

How would it be possible for you to be wrong?

Yeah... there's no way that can happen! :)

I meant continue to build character. Thought we were making progress.

Sounds like fun! Do you want to know why I didn't upvote your comment?

Cuz @adm told you not?


Because I forgot to. I forgot a couple others as well but then remembered. Normally I'd upvote hivebuzz when they come along. Missed that one. But got their response. It was a busy time. Shit happens.

For you I responded with a video. On this end, looking for that video was the distraction. I didn't realize until you made that comment. Then didn't want to sit and argue about something so stupid. Had nothing to do with platform politics. I also still have you on mute so without clicking to reveal the comment I can't see if I voted or not later on while I'm in the post talking.

Yup, normally everyone gets at least one. Could leave seven comments, probably still only get one vote so I don't burn out the power.

Yes, it is annoying when people snatch that away but it would have only been about ten cents each, so whatever. That doesn't bother me. I go months without even using the stake.