Picture taken at sunset

in #life3 years ago


When the sun goes down, but it's a beautiful time where the sun can be seen in a beautiful way and sinks in a beautiful way. Time is the time when people stop doing everything and everything and that time is a reading time for us to do something good.I was looking at the sun and wondering what it was like to see the sun go down and see the sun go down and when it rises but it's a lot of fun.Right at that time


I was pointing my finger at the sun and had a nice time. I was standing under the Karatoya bridge in Debiganj upazila for a long time. It was nice to see the sunset from there. And I went for a walk that day and took more different types of pictures from there, posted the ones I liked and had a great time.And especially I love that time and from there any of our work and any school college institution off time at that time the sun goes down at sunset and the night after sunset and Nigum gets dark and at night that beautiful sunset has a very good time everyone.


Eventually only the sun was photographed.And of the many suns that have been photographed, I like this one very much because it gives me this picture and the sunset at a time where everyone's work is over.It's hard to say who looks like at sunset but I like it very much and if I can stay away from the roof and see it, I would love to see it the nice day.