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Hi guys! How y'all doing?

let's talk about Jealousy

Before we go further, it is
important to fully understand the
meaning of jealousy in simple terms.

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  • Jealousy generally refers to the
    thoughts,or feelings of insecurity and concern over relative lack of possession, or safety.

Also important is to identify some of the common causes of jealousy in the human mind.

  • Jealousy arises when a person feels Threatened either by other's actions, deeds, or words, or even from how others are treated,
    most importantly is to note the fact that jealousy in humans is perfectly normal.So don't condemn yourself if you get jealous over some things sometimes, however, jealousy can become very unhealthy
    and dangerous if we allow it to linger in our hearts for too long consequently it our controls minds. jealousy is an emotion just like other emotions, we can'ot stop ourselves, but we can control it.

Some common causes of jealousy
1 low self esteem ...when you think others are better or more beautiful or handsome, looking than you. Or more talented or whatever the case may be

2.When someone else got what you have always wanted.

3 When you don't want to share someone.

There are so many causes of jealousy, I may not be able to mention.
Remember, jealousy is a healthy emotion. but we most try to overcome it before long, so it doesn't become unhealthy to us and others around us.
jealousy if harboured for too long,can cause bitterness,
envy, sadness, irritability, wickedness. Backbiting,even murder. And unhealthy competition.
we have heard of cases,situations where
a jealous friend or lover did some really terrible things to the other partner.Also, jealousy can be brewed into positive reinforcement, like when you see your friend or relation, achieve a goal and you want it for yourself,
we can strive to achieve the goal too.By so doing, enhancing yourself in the process. Jealousy in lovers can be healthy, however,it can also turn sour if taken too seriously.

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Subsequently, the jealous partner will become over possessive and maybe physical.


Being human, we cannot totally control our minds not to get jealous, but we can always stretch our minds out of that jealousy.
These suggestions are personal Suggestions that has worked for me over time..
Whenever you start feeling jealous, try this things,

1 watch a movie, listen to music or read a book even exercise to get your mind off it.

2 Retreat yourself from the person that makes you jealous or people that's making you jealous.That is, if you start to get
jealous of your friend or friends, Move away as far as possible, and as quickly to where you can see the person,
so your mind can concentrate on something else,

3 Try to think about the good qualities of that person and why the person deserves all the good things he or she gets or has gotten.

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4 Know this, Everybody deserves good things, everybody deserves to be happy.
That person you are jealous of inclusive, the same way you want to be happy, is the same way everyone wants to be happy and want things to work out for them.

5 do not doubt yourself and your capabilities or your talents..You are unique, you are one of a kind as well.

6 Pray to God for your own and stop comparing yourself to others, NO one can be like you so use your space well. Own it!

  • These are not all, but they are some..

# Thanks for your time. I will appreciate your comments and contributions, THANK YOU. 💕😊


Being jealous is just a lack of self confidence just like you said and this is simply because we think we can't achieve what the other person has achieved.

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