Factors in man that indicate the possibility of an accident

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Every person is exposed to accidents, either within their work area or at home; This can be caused by its own cause or by someone else's cause. There are some predetermining factors that indicate when you are more predisposed to accidents, which we highlight below:

Tension: It is a mental situation in which the person is full or saturated with thoughts, where it is best to relax the mind and think of other scenarios, where it does not involve work or home situations. On occasion you should pause, moving away for a moment from the environment in which you find busy.

The Negligence: When the person considers that he / she possesses enough experience in what he / she executes, he / she can fall in confidence, being this a blunder, that almost always entails to commit errors and accidents. To avoid this situation, the most advisable thing is to strengthen the awareness of the worker or member of the household about the use of safety equipment, which would lead to the case.

Irresponsibility: If the person is not careful of their actions, or of the consequences that can result with a bad attitude, it is likely that they may be involved in an accident; compromising your life and that of others. It is to be noted how difficult it is to fight, since it almost always arises in careless people who can hardly change.

The Overstrain: This factor is given by saturation of activities and prolonged hours of work, where the person is tired and overwhelmed, almost always in these cases the worker ends up suffering an accident. To avoid this fact it is advisable to be flexible in the schedule and the good design of this one. Being perhaps the home the most complex to evade the tasks, since it is about personal activities, without supervisor or employees.

Fatigue: It is usually given by overwork, poor nutrition, or sleep rest. In this term it fits to say, "do you know your worker?", Since this is what will depend, that is, when knowing that you have to request a break in the work.

Actually there are many factors that can be the cause of accidents, but referring to the attitude and aptitude of the worker or member of the household, we can enunciate the previous ones, since the accident is a fact that does not ask if you are prepared to avoid it, Such reason always and at all times you should be aware and aware of what is done.

Greetings ... Arturo Rey, @reyarturo


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