Food as a weapon of war. // Advice for better health.

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Hello friends, it is well known by all, the importance of nutrition or consumption of food in our daily diet; food that we must take care of, since not all the products we eat are ideal for our body.

When making the decision to eat or stop doing it, we focus on our palate more than what is convenient for our health and we wake up to the wrong of this decision making, when we live close to bad experiences with our own health or a family member .

Situation of panic and worry, which makes us reflect on what we do to our body; if we take care of it or simply we give it the tastes that our palate wants.

Thinking about our well-being, health and understanding that we only have one body, that we are responsible for the health of each of the parties that comprise it; is that we must inform ourselves about the food measures we will take, as a new way of life.

In this order of ideas, I want to mention a series of foods that help cancer prevention; bringing quality to our life.

By mentioning the above, I am not prepared to prepare or describe a recipe; I just want to share some "life advice", as a doctor told my sister in a test moment passed by her.

The doctor suggested the following:

  • Consume white meat unlike red, to reduce the risk of cancer, increase in uric acid in bones, etc. Likewise, the consumption of white meat, especially fish, helps to lose weight and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • To eat fruits and vegetables daily, the advice is to replace processed products such as sausages and dairy products, preferably with raw vegetable salads. Likewise, the advice of said doctor was to change dessert snacks for fruit and accompany the meals for natural juices.

  • Take green tea instead of coffee in the morning or when you want, as green tea has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

I only have to mention to you, that by following all these recommendations and others of which I do not refer, you can win the war against those diagnoses of which we do not want to be protagonists in an unwanted moment.

In deciding to write about this particular topic, I just want to call your attention and invite you to worry a little more about each food that we bring to our mouths.

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