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Hi steemiant friends, I hope you are full of life and health; with a lot of encouragement for this weekend and with new ideas to share through this platform. Platform that has given us the opportunity to discover and share as many talents as we human beings have, but sometimes we do not allow them to be revealed, either because they are too busy or because we do not stop in front of a computer and let them flow those "gifts" of poets, researchers among so many others.

In my case I started in this community thanks to the insistence of my son, who started me in this world of steemit, telling me that my food was very rich and that I should share those recipes with you. If you give a tour of my blog you can contact me that it was pretty good, that I had a great acceptance, that my recipes were voted and therefore I could get a good monetary reward.

However, as people who travel through this world steemit platform we can get with good people and not so good people, that is people who are happy with your triumphs and others who "wallow" in anger envy what we achieve with effort . I share these words with you, since I have been able to live in the flesh what is being watched, studied and attacked, by people who have evil in their nature and who have used this platform to launch the most innocent and naive, their poison.

If you look at my profile and my blog, you can contact what I'm trying to narrate, I opened my account in steemit in November of 2.017, after a few posts I was considered by the community @cervantes to be voted on by different recipes that I prepared and presented; With the help of God I was able to multiply the SBD earned with the post to accumulate a considerable amount.

Thanks to this cryptocurrency (SBD), my family and I were able to cover our living expenses (food, medicines, among others) for a long time; since the salary that we earned for that time (and at the present time) was not enough to cover these expenses.

Unfortunately, for me and my family, I have been able to see how my life within this steemit platform has been truncated; due to a great attack that certain individuals have made in which I could have woken up a "dirty envy" even without knowing it. Being the first attack in the month of March, when I was the object of the theft of all of my SBD (76), bringing this fact that we remain as a family in "four blocks" (as we say in Venezuela), the person does not agree with this , used my account to visit other steemiant and comment; fact that caused a flageo to my account and of course a damage to my reputation.

When advised, I was able to make the complaint through the respective channels through discord to the community of @cervantes, which guided me in what to do to recover my account and later that the scourge lifted me. After having my account again, I began to post and try to recover, finding that the population within the platform had increased and of course the votes for my publications were almost nil.

However, the hopes are the last ones that are lost, 2 months ago I was able to upload that recipe that was missing to consult the blog to get the attention of my dear friends of @cervantes, but when being voted by this community I also call the attention of people who Unscrupulous way they commented in English in said post, where when translating the text I understand that they have included me in a "black list", by "x", "and", or "z" cause.

When I saw the comment, I did not feel any concern, because as they say there, "he who does not owe it does not fear it"; However, as the days go by and it is going up post not being supported by different communities in which I have promoted them, it makes me think that said comment achieved its purpose.

At the moment that I decide to write this post, it is with the intention of clarifying certain things that I am sure I should explain:

1-. When I started in steemit, like many of you, I did it with the intention of cooking, writing and of course interacting.

2-. At the moment of understanding that in steemit our writings are monetized, I saw it as a great economic aid for my family, since for no one is it a secret that in Venezuela a worker does not live on his salary.

3-.When I joined this platform, I never did it with the intention of harming anyone, but much less I expected them to do it with me.

4-. I had never thought that there was so much envy and that it was reflected in this way.

To finish only I can say friends, that my conscience is calm because although they have wanted to dirty me with this visit to my blog (you can read the comment below, as it is automatically); I, Rhina Luisa, the owner of this account, have not done any of these three things of which they accuse me

Author: @rhinaluisa


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