I hate corrections

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well shit , here we still are.

The tags on the truck are still expired - the people letting us park on their property need $300 for rent.

We still have 6-7 months to wait for disability , and there's no guarantee we don't get denied - hell, this will be my second time around trying for it.

I watch the markets pump and dump - shit, I should be used to it by now.

I started with leofinance when it was sparked up on hive - i thought it was a decent idea at the time and threw what ever hive i had into it.

I think i started with like 300 leo. It's fun to watch something go from $0 to $25.

Then I got lucky and got some decent upvotes on a few posts and ha another 100 leo - then BAM, it got real expensive LOL.

Yeah, anything that I have to pay hive for is expensive - probably because my once a week posting is garbage (that's OK though - the pennies do add up)

So I took my 100 new 'earned' leo and threw it all into lbi-token, a 'long term' investment.

Man, when you're homeless this 'long term' stuff just kicks your ass - I just want some place decently comfortable for my wife and myself.

Then I watched my wallet go from like $100 to $200 - wow that's exciting considering all I did was point and click on a few things here and there.

So, $100 or $200 is pretty useless right now - especially when you're unbanked - if i cashed out it would just pay bills anyway.

Watching it drop from $200 back to $150 is heartbreaking , even though I can't really use it right now anyway.

On the plus side - my splinterlands is doing OK - Total Value (filterable): $ 832.38 using List Prices // $ 763.79 using Market Prices // 471,930 DEC

I guess that's not too bad for a homeless guy that threw $20 at it a couple years ago.

Once again - even $800 isn't going to be life changing right now - that's not even a months rent.

I remember when i was single making $5/hr and could pay my bills and have a few bucks left - what the hell happened.

I also remember getting up to almost $15/hr and just couldn't fucking keep up with the bills.

Well, I'm just chunking along one day at a time - one penny at a time.

I think I'll have decent payouts coming up so I will probably 50/50 stake the leo / get some more lbi-token.

I need to work on getting more hive - looks like the dcity game might be interesting - i'm up to like 70ish sim/day - so i buy a card once every 10 days or so.

So my leodex is at like $250 and my $hive is like at $100 - i really need to figure something out.

Well, that's it for the morning - we got a bunch of errands and chores and just keeping up with basic daily living to do.

I'll try to post another update next week ;)