this weeks musings - the small things - at a snails pace

in #life3 months ago

well, it was kind of a slow week - which was nice for a change

i didn't get much of anything started - or finished for that matter

it's rough when you're stuck in a holding pattern

some upcoming things that are interesting

the is getting started later today

i missed the initial SPI token here on hive(although i did pick up some spendy ones on the market)

i will definitely be taking advantage of this new token - i was lucky to grab a bunch of leofinance tokens from hive somehow

while i'm not really super active (mostly my own fault / life circumstance) i do make dailt splinterlands post and the occasional post here

even though i'm not 'screaming' fast like some of the heavy hitters/whales i follow - i am happy to participate at my snails pace (i'm in the pacific northwest so more of a slugs pace)

it's the small part of feeling like i belong to something that will actually amount to something later

i still haven't been able to set my mind to opening a code editor yet - my life is still in wrecked turmoil right now

i don't want to burn myself out like i did a few years ago, so that is just gonna stay on the back burner for a bit

i still read some science articles and code concepts here and there - so at lesat i still have ideas to work on when i get ready

well, that's it for my quick 'jot some things down so i can tell my self i made an effort' post for this week

thanks for stopping by ;)