Laughter is quicker than thought

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Thought cannot keep up with humor. It can happen that you read something, laughed, and then looked around and reread it to figure out why. The biblical order should be used to establish where comedy fits into life: - Humor was present at first, followed by the word, the firmament, fish, etc.
In actuality, it regrettably is not a gauge of either talent or artistry. Ideas like idea, plot, style, and originality come before it.
The great ones set themselves serious, universal objectives, and their humor is dissolved, like in life, in a tremendous torrent of events, characters, and settings. like a result, it is not frequently encountered.
The pursuit of comedy is usually unappreciative, and attempts to artificially draw it into the text are unsuccessful. Variety, purely amusing genres are built around one or two grains of genuine comedy, generating a lighthearted atmosphere. Additionally, anything can be thrown at the laughing person in order to bring up the initial source of laughter. As a result, this type of humor is typically fleeting and disappears by the end of the performance.

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In theory, humor is unexpected. To surprise is all that is necessary, and to surprise is to interest. And to be intrigued is to be subdued. A wild animal turns tame as soon as the reader or listener shows interest in it.
The editor, a warped model of the reader who substitutes unfriendly corrosiveness and indifference for human interest, is an entirely different affair. (Obviously excepting editors who comprehend us).