High Speed Chase: Ending Results

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That’s one tough pole...........

image(Co-worker cleaning up the aftermath of the crash.)

Around 1:35pm yesterday we get a call for a accident tow and disbatched one truck. On arrival, the driver immediately knew he needed a second truck because the car was in pieces. I jump in the truck and head to the scene to assist with the clean up only to be delayed by traffic caused from the accident. On arrival I noticed the car looked as if it was ripped apart by Incredible Hulk with oil and car parts scattered over the road.

It was raining debris.......

image(This was a Toyota Corolla before today.)

You could hear an angry commuter shout out “Man shit was flying everywhere and something hit my damn windshield.” The image in my mind was that of car fragments showering down as the smoke cloud cleared the air. The whole front end of the car was laying about the road and had to be gathered up piece by piece. The engine was sitting on the side of the road, while the front end chassis with the wheels still attached was blocking traffic.

The Great Escape..........

image****(Officers pondering where the suspect is hiding.)****

Officers were driving around the cemetery and circling the surrounding areas for the suspect. The officer was traveling westbound on the road when he notice the vehicle in front of him was swerving between lanes. So the officer decided to run the tags on the vehicle and it came back as a stolen vehicle.

Officer stated that by the time he hit the lights, the suspect had already begin to accelerate. Now a simple routine stop has turned into a chase and the suspect showed no signs of stopping. The vehicle was doing close to 100 mph when it made contact with the pole, I’m still trying to figure out how the suspect was able to escape.

image(the front chassis and other car parts)

This guy had to be a super villain or on some type of drug to survive that impact and still flee from the scene. My co worker and I speculated that the suspect was still in the cemetery lying in an open plot waiting for the coast to clear. It took almost a whole bucket of sand dry to clear up the oil and transmission fluids off the ground. If we didn’t put down the dry sand, the area could have been prone to more accidents. Once we got it back to the yard, we had to shake the car and parts off our truck into a neat pile on our bottom lot.

Morale of the story........

image(This is the pole that was struck. It shows no signs of damage)
The sad part of this story is the fact we will end up being stuck with the car and have to auction it off because 9 times out of 10 the owner only carried liability insurance. What’s funny is the fact that it will sell for dirt cheap and parted out by pieces.

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That guy must have been Superman to escape from that wreck - although you have to be impressed how well the Toyota’s cabin stayed intact

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Exactly. The clean up was a task and I’m sure the paperwork was a headache for the officers.

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Can't run off without a scratch, the police are hopefully checking out the nearby clinics, he's at least got whiplash.

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You would be surprised how these criminals risk everything to escape being captured.

Quite a crash!

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