Ask the Car Guy @socky Mar 12, 2020

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What is your car trouble?

I want to give back to Steemit community and provide some help on something that I know very well. Cars and how to fix them.


Please ask me about your car issue. Won't go into gear. Strange sounds. Don't know if you should take your car in to the shop. Just ask.

redneck repair2.png

Send me the make, model, and year along with car symptoms.

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For a breakdown of Steemit Keys:

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How to improve STEEM payment system:


Always like posts like these as I grew up with my dad being a mechanic and I learnt all sorts of useful things along the way. Keep posting!

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The ability to fix your car even if it is minor can save plenty of money. It is a good ability to have. I've helped plenty of people here on STEEM over the years. Not too many people left that need car help. I hope that turns around soon.

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