It's Tacks Day Again

in #life7 months ago

How much will you pay in tacks?


I used to hate paying them. There was so much corruption and the system was not perfect. But, I always paid.

So how is my money used?

  1. $6,000,000 plus per day for idle equipment at the border while construction is paused. Joe can pay for that - not me.
  2. $352 per day for hotels for the families who walked around the wall, invited by Joe. Joe can pay for that - not me.
  3. FBI tracking down over 400 who were in Washington on Jan. 6 with no charges sticking.
  4. FBI not bothering to track anyone of the Antifa and BLM who are burning businesses nation-wide.
  5. FBI had Hunter's laptop and saw what was on it - did nothing.
  6. Gas prices under Joe - only three months of Joe. Gas prices.
  7. Funding ISIS in Syria again. Joe can pay for that - not me.
  8. Executive actions to take our guns? Joe can pay for that - not me.
  9. $15,600 each in C19 stimulus for people who skipped the legal process to come in. Joe can pay for that - not me.
  10. Reopening Japanese concentration camp for kids-in-cages overflow. Sick, twisted and sad. Joe can pay for that - not me.

They may hunt me down for it. But I cannot be party to any of the above, and those 10 things that I listed are just the ones that come to mind while I sit here typing my opinion this tacks season.

When we have a government that was elected by the people, one that does not need to fence itself in to keep control of Washington, one that does not support and protect child molesters (Joe is on camera doing that while VP for eight years), then I will call up the people in Kansas and talk about how much I am giving to the tacks system.

"Tacksation without representation" was not acceptable in the 1700's and it is not acceptable now.

Talk to the hand!

tacks source



That is a true talk man, and if it was not supported then, I don't see why it should be now. Although we are in the 21 century,but I see why it should be done.

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Jejeje, es era un viejo dicho aquí en Venezuela, "te pago con tachuelas"