The Splendor Of The Beard - Don't be weird. Grow a beard.

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Sexual Attraction

A University of Wales study idicates that both genders find the bearded more attractive then the non-bearded.

Respectable Length

Sailors within the British navy are permited to grow beards only if it reaches a respectable length within two weeks.

Historically Worth A Fight

In the Middle Ages touching another man's beard was offensive & grounds for a duel.

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Better Then Rope

A braided beard is up to 20x stronger than any conventional rope of the same thickness.

Never Lost

A beard can be fashioned into a rudimentary compass by sprinkling metal shavings into it and then dampening it.


Studies have concluded that during times of crisis, people are more drawn to the leadershipof those who possess beards.

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Beard Etiquette

When two beards cross paths the larger of the two has the right of way.

Diplomatic & Political Advantage

Queen Elizabeth sent an envoy to the court of Ivan the Terrible. Ivan was so taken with man's 5'2" thick yellow beard, that he accepted him in. Ivan then spent most of the visit admiring the envoy's beard.


Okay, but sometimes I`m thinking that the Beard is being grow as a something that is projecting masculinity. Most people i know that are having beard, lumbersexual beard, are indeed soft guys.

Santa for example big old softy with a big old beard. Some of the best softies are bearded beasts. Beards on the right guys emote a kind of big gentle giant look. I am all for bearded men I am glad that an interesting type of grooming came back in style for men. They so rarely get chances to fix themselves up nice. I mean sure their are the crazy hobo beards but the beards I respect are the ones that are looked after. I watched a beard contest by chance and the man who won second place was so passionate about beard grooming, he was well kept and a very dignified air about him. He lit up the room...and it was all over a beard ha ha. He lost to the guy that had made a train track out of his beard and had braided it around his head and then had a little train go a long the track. I wanted the other guy to win.