Sunny Sunday

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Phase 1

How good it feels...

to be outside,
to see your friends in person,
to eat sushi,
to talk about silly things,
to walk in the sun for so long that it ends up bothering you,
the sea breeze,
iced coffees at a beach bar,
to watch greyhounds running along the beach,
to be pissed off because waiters ignore you,
to overhear other people's conversations and laugh discreetly,
to see children playing on the beach, people running, riding skates, bikes and surfing,
to start to say goodbye and half an hour later to continue chatting :)

Sushi friends
chiringuito playa

Still in phase 1 of deescalation but this is something else!


ahhh, freedom!

You guys over in Spain deserve a great summer after two months or so of total lockdown. I hope you get to have plenty of bike rides and sunshine drinks :D

Thank you, Mr Asher.
Hopefully! At least that we don't go back to total lockdown again 😅
I hope that you can enjoy the sunshine, sea views and bike rides too 😉


Yes please, sunshine and bike rides make the world go round.

No more lockdowns please!

I thought my favorite restaurant had sushi take-out and I was so sad when I called and found out they didn't :(

I do really miss sushi.

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I know how hard that can be 😅 I had to wait for 2 months!
I hope your second favorite restaurant is as good as your first 😄