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I have been thinking on this thought-train lately. I imagine when I am writing this that I will also send this blog post to a friend to blend the entertainment with reality on another layer. Haha the episodes of Serial Experiments Lain are called Layers. It is the 25th anniversary of the anime Serial Experiments: Lain. In the cartoon Lain goes to a club called Cyberia, the DJ there is called J.J.. The voice actor for that character is doing a live DJ set right now!

For this anniversary occasion they are doing an augmented reality game sort of deal so this DJ set is a part of that! I had a blend of reality/entertainment experience lately when I wrote a political rap and performed it at the local music pub. The people there didn't like the much so that they don't want me to do a political song there....they even refuse to serve me so I can't go there anymore for right now. I could've done plain songs, cover songs that did not address the current reality in dealing with conspiracy theorists gone mad and that wouldn't have made them mad... yet it would not affect them or make them think. Don't want to be stuck in the political cartoon yo! I actually did cover some songs from Serial Experiments Lain for open mic on other nights.


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I kinda freaked out at the pub too, they were very unsettled. I freaked out online too on facebook. I called people who follow Trump and went against Covid Protocols part of a Death Cult. Now they treat me like some kind of vigilante terrorist.... the thing is they had a fundraiser poster for people who blocked the border during the covid lockdown...these dudes brought guns to the border on some kind of crazed vigilante trip based on conspiracy theory hysteria! That's why I was upset... so anyway there is an interesting Cartoon element to Trump... I found out that back in the late 80's there were no less than 4 Ninja Turtles Villains based on Donald Trump! I feel like telling these people that are cross/scared about my song and rants that I was programmed by Ninja Turtles Cartoon to despise Trump!... and that my behavior is part of my Cartoon Detox programme! LOL - I'm trying to get people off of the political cartoon experiment of twisted conspiracy point out how dark it is.

Anyway I have to go to work soon.... I will have some time for creativity in the next couple days to make music...I'm thinking of doing some guitar as well as electronic. There is a track I am working on right now that I feel I need to just add some noisy sound effects and possibly lyrics to! I am glad to make this post and talk about some of whats on my mind


My daughter is already 20 years old, and she still loves anime). I haven't watched it for a long time, I'll probably feel like a child too.

This cartoon helped me get in touch with my inner teenager! The protagonist of Serial Experiments: Lain is a 14yo just like Sailor Moon!!

Sometimes anime is much smarter than movies. My daughter, for example, has become more independent and braver)

That reminds me that video games can be good for problem solving skills, coordination etc.

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