Only the Essentials

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Is this the world we live in now?

Because I guess lobster is a must-have on everyone's list during a crisis.


I don't know how to even say it other than: "People are fucking crazy"

I was told by the store manager, that if we wanted groceries we had to be waiting when they opened because within an hour the shelves are near empty.


The good news is I was able to find a bag of sugar on the bottom shelf in the very back.

EDIT: Forgot the picture of the meat area


When the villain is correct, that's when we know we have a serious issue. I watched this the other night, and I was dumbfounded by how correct "The Joker" was in the interrogation scene.

Please take care folks, I got word we are going into full lockdown (basically marshall law) here in Tennessee since Nashville was hit so hard, and we have confirmed cases here in this little town I'm in.

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