Masculinity are we loosing it ?

in #life7 years ago (edited)

Have we evolved from our primitive past or have we had our masculinity snatched away? I feel as if the very essence that makes a man is now shunned by society. Men walk around timidly fearing a situation that may offend the femineity of society.
We have been cast out of our houses to man caves. Where all that awaits us is a dart board, a beer stained couch and a flat screen TV. Even the name man cave has undertones to some sort of Neanderthal safe haven where unevolved men sit around a fire eating and grunting at each other. The real truth is its one of the few places a man can be himself and not be subject to the scrutineering of society.
I enjoy looking back to the 60s and 70s when the hippie movement was in full swing, men and women coexisted in a synergy of understanding and respect but neither sex was expected to dumb down who they were, been genuine was more important than trying to appease everyone’s fragile feelings.
Perhaps the industrial farming machine and its insufficient food quality has a role to play or maybe it’s in the fluoride contaminated water we all gurgle down daily. I don’t know what is causing this social change but I don’t like it.
Men should feel free to express their masculinity instead of trying to create some sort of male female hybrid (mascufemineity). Society needs to understand that both traits are important and neither femineity nor masculinity should be the gold standard but a balance between the two is critical to our continued evolution as a society.
I hope to look back in 20 years and see this time as no more than a transitional phase where men and women found there equilibrium in society and learnt to love each other for their differences.


Masculinity has perhaps been shunned some, but only because it was being overrepresented in society. Femininity has also been snatched from women. Women, too, feel that they need to tip toe around men, never showing who they really are, out of fear of being too emotional or too crazy. We should ALL be more self aware and willing to hear the truth from others. And make space for both masculinity and femininity in society. It is a beautiful balance.