Here Is Something New That I've Been Working On...

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Episode 1 GTP.png

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a new project I've been working on with spoken word performer George The Poet.

Have you heard George's Podcast is a social commentary, investigation, and love letter to his community.

I've been lucky to work with George on the podcast scoring the music. It features conversation, music, news clips all weaven into street journalism that Everyman Cinema called "the fly on the wall of a mad scientist, providing the latest updates in his mind-bending experiments with musical storytelling".

So here it is: EPISODE 1


I really love this podcast. It makes me think about what the future holds for me, and for you and for all of us.

We can truly rewrite history if we want something to change. The illustration of the kids are so on point. The soundtrack pulls the listeners attraction.

The song playing underground is so nice, it speaks about minding your business in the public.

Thank you @thisisbenbrick for sharing this.

your post is amazing my lord, I love it.

I am listening to the audio link as I write. some good stuff here. I think he is bringing up some valid points and I hope it gets attention. Thanks for sharing.

This is SUPER cool @thisisbenbrick! I’m 6 minutes in and I’m hooked! Fantastic work.

Massive point taken from the audio when I listen to it, I wish I could get more of this often. Nice work you doing......keep steeming

Hola, deseo que estés muy bien, excelente tus artículos, te recomiendo este: Un abrazo.

Awesome! I know George through Instagram :D

Awesome! I know George through Instagram :D