REOPENED Mailing List! Sign Up To Beta Now!

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Hello! I am Benbrick.



I want to thank everyone for their support and comments on (@thisisbenbrick). There's been a lot of great suggestions and your feedback is essential to help us move forward.

I'm happy to say: the beta list is re opened for another 50 users!

Click here to sign up to the mailing list and receive beta access


At this time we are looking for users that can provide feedback on the functionality of the website. In the future we'll be asking for musicians to send us their creations.

There was a really cool comment yesterday on my post about AI taking jobs away from music creators from @askeb asking how @Steemsongs can stand out.

One of the ways @Steemsongs can stand out is by offering music that isn't available on other platforms and by curating artists to premiere their music on Steemit.

One of the main purposes of @Steemsongs is to help grow the Steem userbase and to bring artists and their fanbases to Steemit.

Should I create an SMT for Steemsongs?
What are you most excited for with Steemsongs?


Blockchain developer? Want to work on Steemsongs? E-mail [email protected]


Yes. You should create SMT and keep working on this platform. As musican I am really looking foward this platform.

Keep up ;)

Subscribed to the mailing list, not sure if I made it within 50 more users. Hopefully I made it and would love to find out more about Steemsongs!

Congrats on your success with Sakura Nagashi becoming #1 Billboard World Album and Japanese Grammy Award Album of the year

this is great.. I submitted my email and and I hope I will be getting some great info from you. Cheers

I hoping to get some of my music noticed , but anyway good job mate , upvoted and following @tazbaz

What is the purpose of steemsongs? I don’t fully understand it

To allow Steemit users to buy music with their Steem/SBD.


thisisbenbrick!! Thank you, your Post.

Thanks for informative post. Will follow you. @thisisbenbrick

Very good post

Yes, indeed!

why it says password and I didn't register yet putting any password sir

You need to be on the mailing list first.

done sir

Great! I'll do another mail out with details at the end of the day!

thank you sir, highly appreciated

Really cool initiative here!
Hope that you will get some developers helping you make this happen.

thank you sir, highly appreciated

Very good post, doing, I like it very much, want a better post,

That is an amazing idea @thisisbenbrick. Artist will finally be free to earn by themselves and not forced to work with Record companies that take most of the profit.

Ive been waiting long for this!, i guess it will worth the wait, keep the good work!

This is an absolutely awesome project! You've got my vote and support. Cheers!

Sweet!! I signed up!! I’m pumped

Sounds like a great step forward. I myself have original self produced music I would love to share on this platform,

How can I help and get involved and how can I get the artists I produce on board? @thisisbenbrick

This is coming in the future.

Thanks for this man I tried it out and it looks great so far.
Will it be a streaming service?
Maybe as well you could incorporate the post reward system that's on d tube and the main site so each stream, upvote, resteem etc counts as some money in the artists pocket?

Searching for a dev to help with this integration!

Also, if you guys are paying I studied Artificial Intelligence so I actually write in Python quite a bit.

This is very interesting for me, would love to share music exclusively here.

Alryt. Thanks for the information

Love what you are doing here! I'm working in the greater Portland, OR area to help independent artists earn a living with their content. Let me know what I can do to help blow this thing up!

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