Will Smith Becomes The Ultimate Cuckold

in #life27 days ago (edited)

With millions of dollars in assets at his disposable it is a shame to manhood to see Will Smith like this. I can't understand how he just sits in this video and allows to accept his cuckoldry on full display. This is never acceptable as a man.
The "wife" calls her cheating an entanglement? The woman just said another man's penis just fell into her vagina like it was all good.
Want a good laugh please watch the video attached. Have fun brothas!

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[New] Will Smith Gets CUCKED- He Accepts It!!
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Exactly! I hope it was a set up to sue her ass in divorce court

A disgrace for manhood!

I'm 100% with you on this one. I hear they have an open relationship but that doesn't extend to making Will out to be a cuck on her shitty show. I definitely wouldn't be defending her to 50.