The chicken salad sandwich story

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Originally, I planned to write a post (or three) today about my experiences in January on Steemit (so I can lure my WordPress blogging friends over here). However, it's the first day of our four day weekend, and I'm finding it hard to focus.

Why a four day weekend, you might ask? Hubby's weekend is typically Friday and Saturday - however, at the beginning of the year, he put in for February 4th and 5th off, because this...


...means this on Sunday.

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Why is that such a big deal?


So I'll save my "Come to the Steemit side... we have crypto" post for now. Instead, while we're prepping for the Super Bowl by drinking beer, eating ALL THE THINGS and watching tv, I figured I'd regale my steemian friends with the following story, especially since it's come up in conversation recenly, both in the #steemitbloggers chat, and in "real life" (how our youngest daughter, sister to @cailliyork, missed this story, I'll never understand).

The tale of the Chicken Salad Sandwich

via GIPHY a university not so far away, a young girl named, that doesn't sound right... okay, the Unique Disney Princess Name Generator came up with Princess Isabella Moonbeam was studying hard to become a member of the Royal Guidance Guild.

To further her knowledge, she also volunteered at the student support hotline, staffed with a small group of others wishing to join the Guidance Guild. In short order, the group became fast friends, and oftentimes would hang out together after hours at the campus pub.


One such evening, the conversation turned thusly...

Princess Alexandra finished her tale and took a sip of beer

Prince Cary: "Dilly dilly, Alex! I didn't think that story would ever end!"

Princess Marta: "At least her story had a point. I have a friend back home named Petunia, who could be in the Royal Guinness Book of Records with the length of her pointless stories."

Princess Isabella: "Oh, really? Do tell!"

Princess Marta: "Well, there was this one time we were having lunch in the school cafeteria, when the subject of sandwiches came about. Petunia began telling us about how she and her younger brother always brought their lunch to school in brown paper bags."

Princess Alexandra: "Okay, that sounds boring, but it couldn't have been that long a story."

Princess Marta: "You'd think, right? Well, she went on in great detail about these sandwiches. Hers always had to be a chicken salad sandwich with the crusts on. Her brother insisted on having peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off."

Princess Isabella: "Oooh, I sense a sandwich switch coming up."

Prince Cary: "No, I think it will end up being a crust catastrophe."

Princess Marta: "That's what we were thinking! But after about a thousand hours of her describing every single aspect of their school lunches, we interrupted to her ask what the point of the story was. Did a switch happen, or did the crusts end up off when they should've been on? Did the school suddenly forbid bag lunches? Was there a bully in the cafeteria who was somehow thwarted through the power of the chicken salad sandwich? Did one of the paper bags catch on fire?"

Princess Alexandra: "Yes, and...."

Princess Marta: "....and nothing. She stared at us for a moment, thought very carefully, and said the point was that she always wanted chicken salad, and her brother always wanted PB &J."


However, the tale does not end there. You see, Princess Isabella made the mistake of telling the King and Queen about Pointless Petunia, to which they exclaimed, "YES! EXACTLY! Those are the kind of stories you tell us all the time, Isabella!"

From that day forth, throughout all the kingdom, whenever Isabella began to tell a tale, someone in the crowd would exclaim, "This isn't another one of those chicken salad sandwich stories now, is it?"


I personally, for a myriad of reasons, despise Bud Light, but I absolutely adore the "dilly dilly" ad campaign. My use of "dilly dilly" should not be construed as an endorsement for the brand, for my heart belongs to Guinness. Oh, and...


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Haha -- dilly dilly! And happy (annual) Pats Superbowl Sunday!

LOL! Right back atcha, @bubbleboy!

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Thanks so much, @pixresteemer! 😊 📷

Hehehhehehe im sorry but i got lost in laughter with "crust catastrophe" 🤣

It could've been worse - it could've been a "crust cat-astrophe..."

Sounds like your hubby is my kind of guy. When I has a day job, I always took super Bowl Monday off when the Pats were in it. I'm not a Bud Light person either when it comes to beer make mine a Smutty! Old Brown Dog is my fav!

Smutty's is good, but I don't think I've had OBD. I'll have to keep an eye open for it. Love the picture! 😊

I was in OBD withdrawal when I was in Florida, but I was very excited to see stacks of 12 packs in Market Basket last summer! They used to have it on tap at the Portsmouth Brewery.

hahaha good one! I've got a friend just like that!! :)

...oh ya, drink lots, eat lots....go Pats!!

Thanks, @lynncoyle1! High five!

right back atcha sista' :)

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