The Importance of Honest Analysis

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I’ve noticed a common occurrence. Two different people will tell me the exact same thing after a match, and yet only one is getting better. What I’ve noticed is the exact same words can carry with them completely different meaning. One person is talking honestly, analyzing, and improving. The other is just making an excuse.

Example: Player A leads 4-2 in the 3rd set, only to tire out and lose 7-5. She tells her coach after “I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I think I was better than her if I didn’t tire out.” Player B loses in the exact same circumstances, and also tells his coach “I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I think I was better than him if I didn’t tire out.” But Player B continues, “I could have gotten home an hour earlier last night, and then eaten a better breakfast this morning. If I really want to put my best into winning, I will get more sleep and have my best food prepared in advance.” Then he gets out his notebook and writes this down so he doesn’t forget it.

Both players lost for the same reason, losing their legs. And both admit it after. But Player A is only making an excuse, until a plan is made to be better next time.

Honest analysis is hard. How many people do you know who are actually doing it? Continually admitting your weaknesses and striving to be better is only meant for the strongest among us. Do you have the strength of honest self-evaluation?


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