Psychic War and How to Win

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Recently the work of Dr. Matthias Desmet of the University of Ghent, a doctor of psychiatry and a statistician, has been remarked much upon. His analysis shows that what he calls mass formation psychosis, or a form of mass hypnosis, has been used to implement the Event 201 plandemic. I further believe that it is intended to subjugate all humanity to the NWO by turning us against each other to keep us from resisting being enslaved to a totalitarian technocratic tyranny. While he confines his remarks to the mass hypnosis, I am confident that by and large, all my readers agree with me as to the ultimate goal of Bill Gates and the other minions of the WEF and Klaus Schwab, because Schwab has quite thoroughly described what he has called the Great Reset that this plandemic is being used to implement. He wants us to be transhumanist cyborgs, utterly impoverished and without possessions, unable to disobey the AI algorithms that will permit or deny every act, and perhaps even every thought we undertake.

But Dr. Desmet points out in this video that the masses that are hypnotized don't care about any of that. He describes how they have been entrained to become WEF footsoldiers that absolutely support crimes against humanity because only being part of the group they have sought refuge in prevents their dissociation and nameless fear. He shows that prior to their recruitment they suffered what he calls free floating anxiety, a sense that things were terribly wrong in the world, but the source of that wrongness was undefined. They suffered inchoate fear, fear of the unknown and unknowable, and because of that they could not face their enemy and remove the threat.

For them the plandemic solved that problem. They became able to face that terrible fear and name it: SARS2, Covid, pandemic plague. That was the enemy that had caused them so much discomfort, and anyone that told them they could help defeat it by any means, even if it meant sacrificing their children, had to be followed without question.

Desmet shows that this is like faith in a religious cult, and it doesn't matter if facts prove it's theology false. Adherents have to remain faithful because it has already saved them from their real enemy, their anxiety and fear, their dissociation from society, and has granted them unflinching courage and membership in a flock of equally faithful and zealous fanatics.

The data won't sway them. Even if they realize they are factually incorrect about the plandemic, about Klaus Schwab or the vaxpass, or any feature or aspect of the NWO takeover they are acting to support, their real goal, of being secure in their group of faithful, of no longer feeling anxious and terrified for no reason they could put their finger on, that has already been attained. Changing their minds because of mere pesky facts will take that all away, and they cannot suffer that loss of courage, purpose, and sense of belonging that has solved all their problems.

We who are not in the cult note the nonconformance with factual reality. We have not succumbed to the lure of belonging to the cult, even though we face the same difficulties and anxieties, perhaps because we are not so dependent on belonging to a group, or have been able to put our fingers on the sources of our anxieties, such as corrupt government, or criminals who conspire to harm us. So we latch onto these facts and expect they will affect the zealots as they have us, because we have been innoculated by them from suffering inchoate terror.

Humanity actually has built in defenses against such facts. Studies have shown that when people defend their ingroup against truthful accusations they receive a hit of dopamine for it. We are rewarded with the body's own heroin for refusing truth that attacks our group. When you think about history you can understand why this biological mechanism arose, because when wars have been won, the losers have been put to the sword and the winners have carried off all the women and had children by them.

Whether the leader of the losing community was factually correct or not, absolute faith in that leader was critical to supporting the society that would be put to the sword if it fell. Keeping pesky facts from causing lack of faith in the peerless leader was a vitally important evolutionary force, so that shot of dopamine makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint. However, it definitely makes selecting leaders in democracies difficult, and for unprincipled would be overlords, it becomes a vital means of welding hapless civilians into hordes of fanatical zealots.

And this is what we face. We cannot simply prove there is no pandemic, that the jabs have negative efficacy against the SARS2 bioweapon, or that they harm and kill more children than SARS2. Those are mere facts that actually are threats to the mesmerized cultists because they threaten their cult.

What we can do is to recruit them into a better cult. We can offer them better social security to the cult they're in. We can offer them specific evils to battle that aren't their fellow citizens, but the psychopaths using our division to conquer us all. We cannot defeat their desperate need for belonging to a group that is strong enough to defeat the evils that are causing them fear, but we can show them that we aren't what they should fear, the people who are imposing the plandemic are.

Near the end of his interview Dr. Desmet points out that totalitarian tyrannies become much more violent when they defeat their opposition and silence dissent. He points out that in 1930 and 1935 Stalin began a purge that destroyed half the Communist Party, and the Nazis began their own pogrom. By this means such tyrannies destroy themselves.

We do not have to fear losing to our oppressors. We have to fear what will happen as they destroy themselves. We will prevail, but a key to avoiding the most terrible consequences of the derangement of our enemies is never falling silent, never being incapable of seeding doubt in their indoctrinated victims, because if we are completely censored and their ability to prosecute their derangement is unopposed, they will slaughter our people mercilessly.

Our greatest victory will not be our eventual victory over our psychopathic wannabe overlords, but in blunting their savagery. To do that we will have to remain engaged with their victims. We will have to be able to insert dissenting speech into platforms laser focused on censorship. We will have to prop the eyelids of our sleeping giant open, to keep a route to being awoken available.

We cannot convince them only that they are being deceived, but that if they join us they will become part of the group that will win. Try to keep that in mind when discussing with our fellows, that it is not enough to prove facts, but to prove the side of facts is going to prevail, and that is the side which will better butter their bread. We cannot convince them to abandon anything, but must seek to recruit them to the winning side. This endeavor to recruit is much different than the effort to defeat.

I hope by this understanding we are able to cut short the horrors of the pogroms coming, to save perhaps millions of lives, and to more rapidly usher in the free and prosperous civil society that will replace the broken and corrupt one that has produced the evil we face today.


This is an excellent analysis and motivation to stay the course of freedom. !BBH


Totally I still can't get over the fact people think Event 201 is a coincidence, blows my mind. The crack is showing through and the resistance is growing when we lose our jobs in April the healthcare professionals will rise and the health system collapse then people will start opening their eyes.

I know so many are against this and the numbers are growing April will see riot and disruption but we are on our way to victory 🙏🏽

I am continually amazed at such 'coincidences' as Event 201. 9/11 featured drills of hijacked aircraft, and the 7/7 London attack similar simulations. If it weren't for such drills that didn't result in terrorism, I'd take cover every time there was another drill announced. Apparently some of them don't produce nominal results, and the actual events get called off. However, it's pretty strong evidence of such terrorist events being undertaken by the very people running such simulations when they do happen, certainly strong enough to support warrants and arrests IMHO.


Yes, it's all very coincidental if you believe coincidences which I don't.

Damn. This may be one of your best yet - I believe this is the least covered and most important piece of the puzzle. Recruitment over domination.

It’s easy to get emotional when you’re faced with these conversations, but it’s critical that we remained poised to play the long game. Winning arguments is less valuable by orders of magnitude than winning people over.

"Winning arguments is less valuable by orders of magnitude than winning people over."

Indeed, and Dr. Desmet points out that when considering people who are dependent on being part of a group tackling evil to dispel their inchoate terror and have been hypnotized to a particular understanding, mere facts and even proof aren't useful to dislodge them. However being members of a more powerful and stronger team may be more useful from their perspective, being driven by terror.

Then, redirecting their courage and anger against the actual criminals may be possible, maybe even easy. I hope we can more approach them as recruiters, even seducers, rather than opponents. That may make all the difference in how they consider what we say and offer them.


Then, redirecting their courage and anger against the actual criminals may be possible, maybe even easy.

Sometimes I think this is inevitable. I get excited about the upcoming thought revolution that will free our future.

Other times I look around at the compliant masses that surround me and I think, man we’re fuckin’ screwed.

LOL - I’ll do my best, and in the end I know that the life within me will never die. Sometimes I guess that has to be enough. Still, here’s hoping for a bright future filled with freedom, choice, love and abundance for the generations that will follow us.

Great post.

Im confident we will win this, but i also expect millions of jabbed people will die over the next 2 or 3 years, including many of my friends and family, so im not expecting this to be a walk in the park

I agree. Two of my dear friends have died last month, and my father is on his deathbed. The friends both died of the jabs, I believe. It is because I am so grief-stricken that I made this post. I loved them, I love my family, and the friends I have left, and I am unwilling to fight them as enemies just because they were frightened and felt isolated enough to get the jabs and drink the koolaid. If we can win them to our sides we can all defeat the horrific NWO plot to conquer the world together.

That is what we must make every effort to do.


I like the optimism of you 2 but I don't see our side having quantum computing to navigate the future. They have a lot of weapons to pull this human enslavement off, richest men in the world increased their wealth 10x's in last 2 years. Lets see what happens in Canada with the truckers protest. Will it recruit more to the truth or backfire in favor of the loony cult.

The essential fact of technological advance, and particularly regarding quantum computing, is that decentralization is the cutting edge across all fields of industry. Quantum computing, while currently not produced with facility by independent means, delivers massive computational capacity and obviates previously necessary immense physical infrastructure.

I don't expect the truckers to have the balls to actually find Castro's bastard get and run him down, but they're not going to be the end game either. The massive protests being continually sparked off globally are symptoms of the intolerable nature of totalitarianism, which inevitably destroys itself when it's brutality succeeds in crushing it's opposition and is left without significant resistance to prevent it from applying that brutal oppression against itself.

I do not believe that if I follow some leader, not even you, for example, that your superlative qualities will lead us to victory. I believe the laws of physics will ultimately prevail, and that centralization is less efficient and effective than distributed, non-point source means of production - decentralization - and every example I can find of totalitarian victory eventually shows hubris and violence to inevitably cause the mode of action of such polities to become Ouroboros consuming itself.

Decentralization only wins by default. I'll take a bye.


They have been trying this since 1750 and keep ballsing it up!

American people have been denied reality for so long they like being in La La land. Reality hurts, lies feel good. Military shot up, elections still rigged. Trump one of them. ``

What we can do is to recruit them into a better cult.

Huge red flag.

Of course it is. There's only three possible: red, which is bias, essential to opposition, white, which is surrender, something I'm not going to do, and black, which is defeat. In our discussions you have expressed the dedicated intent to avoid sides, but this simply lacks self-awareness that you are a side, and if you aren't on the winning side, you're on one of the losing sides, and thus fly a black flag.


No. That's not what I meant.

"Too busy worshipping control in order to be controlled, better. Too busy fighting their reflections."source

So only what you intended to mean should be drawn from your statements, while mine should be freely open to extrapolation? Do freely extrapolate further, or try to show how what you did mean didn't mean what I said it meant in my comment, since you seem to disagree.

You well know I am eager for substantive criticism.

I don't feel like playing your game today, unfortunately.

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