When the life is blessed and opportunities knock

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It's really wonderful when life is on a roll, even when it doesn't go the way I planned it. In between my blogging hiatus, I've been doing so many things that, in hindsight, are exactly what I wanted, but didn't fully realise at the time.

One of my proudest moments in recent time is in finally achieving my HRDF Certified Trainer qualification in July 2018, via the HEARTS (Housewives Enhancement and Reactivate Talent Scheme) programme organised by the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). HEARTS is a programme to train educated housewives in the latent workforce in specialised fields that would enable them to work from home or under flexible working arrangement. Since I am a single mother who freelances and am self-employed, I am therefore qualified to join HEARTS.

(via HEARTS website)

HEARTS sponsor several skills development programme under it, including web development, translation, social media management, and others. Fortunately, Train-The-Trainer (TTT) programme was the one offered for participants in Sabah, as I have wanted to be certified for a while now. It's more difficult to get certified when you're in the Borneo part of Malaysia, partly because the training is not done that often here, and this means that I have to bear my own cost of travel and accommodation for at least five nights. That, on top of my downtime with my kids, takes a lot of resources away from me.


Now that I have my certification, I am now open to a whole load of training offers than what I have access to. It's such a blessing to go through the HEARTS programme, as the motivation modules by Quantum Excellence's Fathiah Shamsuddin, and the amazingly systematic TTT modules by GEM Consultancy Sdn Bhd's David Lau and Dominic James were exactly what I needed. Due to the programme, just two months past getting the certification, I have run 10 corporate trainings. I look forward to being busy in my training offerings for the latter part of the year, as it's always the time when corporations are trying to spend as much of their training funds as possible.

The fact that I can still work and focus on being a full-time mother while getting the kinds of opportunities I've been getting is just unbelievably blessed. I'm gratefully counting my blessings.

I like to think that all these blessings come intentionally. Karma is like that -- the more good you give to the world, the more you get back. I'll make sure to continue giving more as my blessings increase.

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