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Imagine yourself on a secluded beach walking along under the over hanging coconut trees, bare feet as the gentle water laps over them.

The sun on the horizon is slowy setting and you're in a special moment of peace.
You can suddenly smell summers blossom and before your eyes is your favourite flower, the Frangipani.
You stand and admire its colourful beauty and its bounty of flowers.

Now to your suprise, drops of water fall from the sky and you realise its a sun shower, so you take cover under the palm tree and wait until it passes, but almost instantaneously a rainbow appears that has you mesmerized. This is truly paradise!
So you decide to take a few photos of the Frangipani flowers holding the rain drops.

Well this is where my imagination takes me when I photograph these special flowers.



Ugh, I wanna go to the beach and smell this frangipani.

Beautiful pictures!

Oohh I love this frangipani the most, it cytrusy fragrance really fresh after the rain. Amazing captures @white.tiger 😉 I can smell its beauty and the drops love it too

Thankyou so much! Yes, the yellow Frangipani is my all time favourite and I love the fragrance.

Great shots! Frangipani are beautiful. We can grow them where I live but they don't do as well as they do near the coast