Steem Power Give-Away - MyCoinvest Special

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I will be delegating 300 Steem Power for 1 month to two lucky participants of the Xemurai Give-Away #2
First and second place will receive 150 Steem Power each. Winners will be chosen by random generator.
Participation period is from June 26 - July 02

To participate you need to:

  1. Follow @Xemurai
  2. Resteem this Post
  3. Sign up at MyCoinvest using and send proof in the comments.

Only who full-fills all 3 assignments will be eligible for participation!

About MyCoinvest
MyCoinvest is a user friendly financial savings ecosystem that offers an incentivised automatic savings platform powered by the Nem Blockchain.

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It is a good event

@incrediblesnow you are right, it is a good event,, actually steem power giveway very good work, what do you think Sir????? Up vote me comments

It is good event .
I want to join this event so plz help

Hey what do you need help with ?


Any giveaway available?

I upvoted and resteemed.

But I don't need to sign up there.
Because I don't care about it

Ok but than you wont be able to win.


Cool and dont forget to uplaod screenshot here :)


Wonderful image. Great city photography @xemurai. Love the buildings and a4chitecture as the watee looks good. Goo pleasant sunny day. Very clear image and a mindblowing view.😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍😍😘. Thank you for sharing. Your work is very impressive. I just love the photography of yours. Keep up the good work.

Nice comment im just follow u pls follow me back thanks

hey please upvoke me i am new

Thank you 🙏 It always gives me motivation to keep going when reading such nice comments like yours.

Have been trying to update my profile but XEM address is restricting me.

How can I get XEM address?

you can download the nanowallet for computer on or download the nem wallet on your phone either way please make sure to back up you privat key safely

Okay, thank you for your prompt response.

welcome and its not my pleasure but your qualitative work pulling me to post a good comment. really i have to say. very much impressive work.

That's very generous of you. A word of advice though, using Steepshot will see you lose 25% of your post earnings. Which is quite a big loss when you pay for votes.

Yes thats true thank you for the advise

Right suggetion

Follow, comment, and upvote

Very generous! Good luck!

done =)! hope win will be good win at least one time on this life xD

3 assignments done, here is my proof:

Thanks @xemurai for the SP

all done hope i will win




beautifully photography////////////////////////////////

This is wow and awesome I will try my best though my strength is not that much but this post really motivated me it really show that someone out they is thinking about the minnows

Thank you I think the minnowns in this network are the most people and thats why i think to support the network is to support the minnowns

I found the airdrop more interesting but I am having challenge On how to copy my referral link.
for examples I have achieved more points just in interval of few hours check it out Screenshot_20180627-183511.jpg

You can click on referral witch is right next to the underlined green Earn and than you will see the link :)

Thanks @xemurai I will check it out now

fantastic event

@xemurai you are such a great photographer. All your quality shows in this photo.. such a fantastic photo. The more i say that is also less for this type of photographs. Keep doing great work buddy and keep excelling in life.

So nice to read such a kind comment

@xemurai your nice blog taken my heart to say these words.

Here is my entry level thanks user name luckyspark twitter user @spark_m

good and have a nice day!!!

I want to get steem power

@xemurai your work is so incredible sir,
all the task done .....
please reply with confirmationUntitled.png

I followed and resteem .

Nice please make also sure to do step 3

Done! Your activity is awesome as usual. Thanks for the like for my past comment anyway. Really appreaciate alot.

Im not sure which image to post but i send it anyway!



Here is a proof

It is a great news

really great click by you. its like perfect photos, i love water most in this pic its look so relaxing


@xemurai hope I win this one

Screenshot (12).png

#xemurai Cryptography is the basic building square of freedom for associations on the Web, much the same as armed forces are the basic building squares of states, in light of the fact that else one state just assumes control over another.

It is great consent for give way
I am will participate this give way .
So what can I do.
Please help me....

hey sure you have to follow the 3 steps in my post and dont forget to uplad screenshot like the others did :)

I don't understand

step 1. like xemurai 2. resteem this post. 3 click on the link and sing up

@ xemurai right suggestion

@xemurai grate give way very nice projectBe sure UPVOTE & Resteem.gif

@xemurai done work. here my proof
username -bhavik can check.

@xemurai ... all three steps have done...Now I am eligible for this giveaway...thanks again @xemurai.

My proof...
signed up as san190


All 3 assignments done sir along with completing profile and adding XEM wallet, sorry my pc cannot capture screenshot so i clicked the images from my phone camera and uploaded here to show the proof.

yes I join it

Hello xemurai it is really a gud initiative and I have resteemed you. Please upvote and comment on my blog as I am new in this steem community it is going to be great help from you side.

nice giveaway

I follow you!

@xemurai thank u for your steem community support...

all three step done

Your the best thank you :)

Winner was so lucky
Great job dear

winner is not chosen yet you got a chance to participate

I know that winner was not announced yet and i have a chance 2 win but i dont want 2 win because bychance luckly i won so i was not able to use properly this sp because in these days i m too much busy and i m unactive on steemit so i want that someone other win this amazing contest and use this sp in proper way and yes bro i really like your work
Thanks :)

Thank you for taking your time to write this to me.


@xemurai i have done all three steps, and now i'm eligible for participate lucky draw. say best of luck to me.


Your work is a motivation for all

First of all, I appreciate your effort this is a good example of Photography and you are doing great job.
Thank you :)
I have completed all the 3 task , I hope I will winhere is my proofScreenshot (201).png

I have done.
followed, resteemed and signed up the website.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.09.25 AM.png

Nice and motivational idea....

@xemurai Really Like your Helping Attitude friend. Just Finished all the task and hope for the best.
Xemurai-contest.png right

@xemurai earn 300 steem power for a lucky person . Iam trying best for win 300 steem power to boost our accounts

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