Another Year Gone - Good Things to Come!

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It is that day again. The one that comes around every year around this time. One only gets a few dozen of them before life begins to become painful with health issues taking up most of one's time.


I got caught up on most of what needs doing around the house as well as any work that needed doing. I have a suspicion that there is a party afoot, either I'll figure it out or in the planning but I'm not sure what day so I must wait for now.

Oh yes, I have received many phone calls and audio messages to fill my day with smiles and thoughts of good intentions. I even have an invitation to bring the kids with and go to dinner soon. When that news came, I found out that everyone will be gathering on Saturday at an undetermined location for a while and crazy party, I'm sure!


I was not sure what to write or what kind of photo to put along with this post. I am not at the point where I want to start posting selfies here on hive. So I took a picture of a candle. This should do.

I have never been much for announcing or broadcasting the day that my age increases. It tends to bring awkward questions sometimes. I am not self-conscious about my age. I am quite young still at least at heart.

Anyway, I am thankful for another year of life and I am thankful for my health which has been very good. Today, and on through the weekend promises to be quite fun and, after all, what more can a girl ask for?

Until next week. 💓

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We'd love to see your selfies while wearing your best smiles because it's you dy, but then a candle will do. Have a great day today ❤️🍻

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