A Thousand Tips to Find Success in Life

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After writing last night's rant that I think anyone who read it hardly understood, I went on the internet that can be eyeballed as a self help journey, to find some much needed motivation from people I hardly know anything about. And I found this gem of a self help audiobook by a bestseller author named John C. Maxwell.who authored several books on leadership, entrepreneurship and on like wise themes with millions of copies sold.

The one I was listening to, the name of which I will intentionally avoid putting in here because of it being a pirated copy, kept talking about how successful people always think good, they are creative as they value imagination, ideas and all that. From time to time, he also kept drawing analogies of what successful people do and motivating the readers with quotes from the greatest minds to have ever lived, like Einstein to even Sun Tzu. And as I progressed through the book, I became even more depressed, as the book in itself offered nothing genuine that I already didn't know and it's full of redundancies to its brim. I took it a step further even and Googled about the author only to find out, the guy has made millions from selling books full of quotes from other people and talking about himself which seems like the only expertise he has to offer.

He has standalone books about leadership. I found no details of him being a leader. Yet he coaches many on leadership and even has an organization for it. He also writes about entrepreneurship. Except for him making so much money from books, I found no other details of him being an entrepreneur. The question that dawned on me is, Why the hell do people buy his books then?

Of Course people are getting help from his books or else why would they buy it! And it's the same for any other motivational or self help books. The authors of such categories know well how to monetize what comes out of their mouth and then sell the books to people who are already doing what they are meant to do in the form of just another push. It's a great skill to have, knowing how to speak well, as John here knows. But in reality, all of his books can be compressed into a blog post and the result it may bring for the readers I reckon would be the same.

Also, in my opinion, same can be said for any self help book is what I can gather from what ever I have managed to read till date. I am not against them really, but if anyone reading this finds a good book of such genre with ingenuity to offer, id be glad if I was recommended that book. maybe it will help me turn my life around. The opportunities are endless.

And, now to end this menial cow dung of a post, here is an image of a cloud as a pallet cleanser.



Good thinking is not automatic!
Good thinking requires motivation!
To do good thinking you must surround yourselves with good thinkers!!

So, how many of theses points can you mark off?? :v

None I think:p how many can you?:D

there is NO wise old man/woman

I realize now that it is a lesson not taught but learned, Unfortunately.

If you don't swim, you'll drown.

That's pretty much the summery of all self-helped books :v

And if you drown, you cant swim.

I Know kid:p

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