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Good Morning Coffee Lovers,

This is something WAY out of my comfort zone, and also a new series... you can never have too many new series as a "content creator" sometimes. I decided, similar to my wine and cheese tasting videos, i would also branch out and do a coffee tasting series. I LOVE COFFEE, but i am in NO MEANS a coffee connoisseur or a coffee snob, in fact, i know little to NOTHING about coffee... but i wanted to change that, and try a different route, but of course documenting it because i sometimes think its important to document new things in life to look back on and see just how far you've come.

please be nice to me! When i say i know little to nothing about coffee, i know little to nothing about coffee... BUTTTT there's no better time to learn then, coffee time. I don't know why i said that.

PLEASE if you have any tips, tricks or kinds of coffees we should try, let me know in the comments so i can better educate myself and expand my palette of the coffee world!



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Hello @merlotmama

I really enjoyed your video review and coffee content.
I'd like to officially invite you to check out Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community, the Hive Coffee Community.
It's a warm community which likes all things coffee :)
Please feel free to check us out and if you'd like to hang with us (it's a virtual coffee shop), just subscribe, and continue to post your awesome coffee content.

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Have a lovely day!

Great review guys! Thanks for sharing:)

Thanks for watching!!!

You're welcome! Keep them coming :)

This was great cup of coffee... it was even better because it was with you :-)