Am I the Laziest Writer Ever - Part VI - Learning a New Language

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Speaking only 6 languages ( Dutch, English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French ) and the final one at a dubious level ( 4 years of high school French and approximately 10 times spent in France, for Summer holidays, as a kid ), I was starting to feel disappointed with myself.

Aside from that, they are all Romance and Germanic languages.

Now I think of it, I also had 2 years of Latin and 5 years of Greek, in high school ( apparently an Indo-European language ), but the latter was ancient Greek, which isn't spoken anymore, and I basically learnt to read and translate it and liked Greek Mythology the most.

To make a long story short, this week I decided it was time to step up my game and see if my 40+ year old brain ( if we don't count previous life times ) has some room to store yet another language into its memory banks.

So, yesterday, 4 days after changing my lifestyle ( and throwing 3 decades of Windows out of the window, to make place for Ubuntu/ Linux, an open source Operating System ), I decided I wanted to get to know this new OS a little better, which lead to me subscribing to an online course called:
The Linux Command Line Bootcamp.

I heard of the above course via a young guy who is hiring an office, right next to me, in the creative space in my street.

In fact, this friendly fellow got me onto Linux/ Ubuntu, last week.
I believe it was last Friday.

About an hour or two after he had piqued my interest, I erased my Windows and replaced it with Ubuntu ( after first having stored some files that I thought might be important on an USB stick ).

FYI: I have been considering to change operating systems ( move away from Windows ) for many years now and it was about time. The fact that this guy mentioned it and appeared to have an USB stick on him that booted and/or installed Ubuntu was all I needed.

It feels great to be off Windows. I feel way cleaner, like I've washed off years of accumulated dirt and that's probably an understatement. It's like I'm no longer be spied on. A weight has fallen from my shoulders.

Also, the terminal ( something that reminds me of MS-DOS, which I used in the 90s ), where you can type commands to interact with the computer, really excites me,

I guess it satisfies my inner nerd

so I decided I wanted to learn more about it.
And that's why I decided to pay for the course mentioned above.

I only started with it yesterday, but once I get excited about learning something, I tend to move very fast...

Anyhow, I don't want to bore you too much ( although I suspect that many of you on Hive are bigger nerds than me haha! ), I just felt like sharing this and it fitted into my series about (not) being a lazy writer
( kind of, not really )

Tomorrow ( I think ), I will give you an update on my actual writing (my 'The Monster of Disco' story ) that also started to flow again, yesterday.

Good vibes!

If you're lacking any creativity, I've got plenty, just tune in to my frequency ;<)


The photo above my post was taken by me, about an hour ago, at the nearby river beach ( that is no beach, at the time, due to the water being too high, this time of year. In the background, you see the picturesque town where I have been living since February ).


Linux, the international language 😆
You up for a call while you are in the Nether world? Or should we wait til you get back to Ice Mountain?

This thing we all should do is to learn the different languages, when a person goes to other countries, these things help a person a lot.

I agree and growing up in a small country, like The Netherlands, with German and French speaking neighboring countries and not far from England, made me have to learn 4 languages ( Dutch, German, French and English ) from my 12th year onward. It helped me to learn Spanish and Portuguese, as an adult.

WOW - you know you speak a lot of languages already - "uitslover". 😀 Just teasing you.
Since you clearly have a brain for languages - you have the capacity to learn another. I did 1 year of old Greek and 2 years of Latin - - it was nice but.....
GOod to hear your creativity is back. All the best.

WOW - you know you speak a lot of languages already - "uitslover". 😀 Just teasing you.


I appreciate the teasing
that is, from someone like you ( who I like ) ;<)

Interesting to hear that you also had Latin and some Greek. It sure helps for future language learning.

GOod to hear your creativity is back. All the best.

And how!


that is, from someone like you ( who I like ) ;<)
Lol thank goodness

I cannot say I did so great with the future language learning. It is always an issue when one is brought up in an English speaking country.

I used Ubuntu when I first learned to code, like 5 years ago. 4 years ago though I switched to Mac and now I can't imagine using anything else.

Good luck with the course!

Sounds like you had a Mac attack! ;^)

Haha, yes I'm one of those annoying Apple fans 🙂

Ubuntu!! And so you have begun the descent into the lands of chaos and void :OD

Haha! It feels like the opposite to me and I like a good challenge.
Are you using it or are you talking about past experiences?

I called with it once and couldn't take the faff that everything became. Sadly I went for convenience in the end. I understand it is much better now... Hopefully!

I strongly believe you have the capacity to learn more languages than I expected and this is great to see

This shows that there is still an interesting life off windows, lol
I look forward to more of the things that you have learnt and I commend you for being able to speak so many languages

This shows that there is still an interesting life off windows, lol

A whole new world ;<)

and I commend you for being able to speak so many languages

Cheers! It took some time and effort and it't nice to brag a little bit, every now and then ;<)