Dear Sister... Cut!

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Love, yeah?

He reached for her hands and she stopped walking.
Dearie, I know we met like three weeks ago. But this has been the best three weeks of my life
She smiles and shyly lowers her eyelids.
I never knew it could be like this with anyone.... He continued.
No one has ever made me feel this way, no one. The thought of you makes me smile and hours with you feels like seconds. I am so happy I met you and I would love to...

Cut! Please just cut!

It is time we faced reality!
There is no such thing as that Perfect one. It is high time we start dealing with the truth. Butterflies doesn't exist, chemistry... yeah, maybe a little at the beginning. But give it a year and half and that disappears too.
It is time we realized that if you meet someone, they do not have to be perfect or even close to perfect. All you have to do is, weigh the pros and cons of the person, and if the pros exceeds the cons, then lucky you, you can proceed.

Enough of all these true-love bull, enough of all these one-and-only crap, just cut!
The movies have messed us up, especially the ladies. They have made us believe in fairy tales, whereas the guys we are wishing would give us such, do not even know those things exist or even believe in them...and so we spend our time in misery, wishing and hoping and the minute we realize time is running out, we decide to 'settle' for whatever comes.
This is a decision you should have taken since, rather than spend more than a quarter of your life wishing and finding faults!
Enough, dear girls. It is time to wake up. Wake up to reality. There is no such a thing as someone who will make you happy.

If you cannot be happy on your own, how do you think someone can do that for you?

Oh, he knows me better than I know myself... 🤦🤦 Sister, there is no such thing! Let the scales fall and start thinking clearly. It is time we stop believing and start seeing. Stop expecting those Hollywood dreams to come to reality in your life. It won't!

Thank you!


Wow! You are both right and wrong....You are right because a lot of times it's just infatuation and it would eventually fade. But you are wrong because once in a while there are exceptions to that rule and people do fall in love out of the blues, marry and live together as a couple even more deeply in love after 10 years that those first few months. This are facts.

Wow... I'd love to meet one of such people

Wow... I'd love to meet one of such people

I bet you will eventually. I know quite a number and their happy marriages are a resounding testimony

Wow awesome! Great work :)

Really awesome. Great