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I and @blezyn

After months of planning, I finally got to meet my spouse parents and family offcially. This is one of the few processes I have to undergo to legitimase our marriage which should be legal in about 9 days from now.

I could barely sleep all night. I know i mentioned i was not nervous but ny nerves got tge best of me. I woke around 3 am and did not sleep until about 9 pm yesterday.

My journey to my spouse's parent house started around 7am. It was a long drive with my family and friend. The road was horrible! I got the house a little pissed because of all the bashing my car took along the way.

Neverthless, when the ceremony (introduction) started i kind of forgot about everything. This was my first wedding introduction experience. So i was kind of lost. Thankful, my friend who is married was ny spokesman and he anchored everything. I would have been lost I went alone.

It was a simple ceremony. I stated my course for the visit and both families introduced themsleves. After tge introduction, we were prayed for by parents and friends. We also took some nice pictures to mark the day.

I did not think about it until now but it would have been nice to have my father around. The fact that he never git to experinece some of my major milestones in life kind of breaks my heart. Thankfully, i still have my mum around and it was a beautiful thing having her witness my union.

@blezyn so no more hidding baby girl 🙂. We are one step close to becoming husband and wife. See you on Tuesday 😘.


Great man! Congratulations on making the introduction and good luck on the next steps :)

thanks man. I appreciate 🙂

Yeah man!!! Congratulations to both of you.

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Wow this is going to be great, hope you guys are warming up to invite hivers because it's going to be a blast, congratulations man.

yeah we will. 🙂

Congratulations to you🥴🥴 Na only u bin Dey hide before 🤭🤭 It was lovely having you and yours over yesterday☺️ onto the next one 😘

Congratulations 🎉 to you and @blezyn I pray the remaining ceremony will be a great success.

Thank you very much dear.

It is my pleasure !LUV

@funshee sent you LUV 🙂 (1/4)

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Congratulations to you both! It's a pleasure to watch your journey together

Thanks LizLiz. 🙂

Wow... Hehe, this is beautiful 😍. No more hiding ooo. The D-day is just some days to go. Congratulations man!

thank you. We will not hide again 🙂

Amazing! Congrats bro

oshey brotherly

Congratulations @blezyn and @nonsowrites. Happy for you guys

thank you very much 🙂

Wedding bells in the air🥳🥳, a very congratulations to both of you

thank you 🙂

Wow, congratulations to both of you this is a great news, God bless your union, Amen.