My first macro shot.

in #macro6 years ago

I've bought my Nikkor 105 F2.8 second hand for 450€ and that was like 4 years ago, which is not a bad price cause now it still costs 920€ new. this is the first shot I've made with this lens. it's not easy if you never shot macro before, the slightest movement of the lady bug or the camera brings it out of focus. I had a black paper on the background and sprayed a little water on the leave and waited till the lady bug sat still. the shot turned out pretty well.

lady bug1.jpg
nikon d600
1/80 sec.

After this shot I mainly use this lens as a portrait lens, it has a beautiful bokeh.


Great picture! Well done ;-) Ladybugs are a very nice macro subject :-)

thank you very much, yes they are (if they sit still😀)

The little smeerlapkes! ;-)

Haha, had niet gezien dat je van antwerpen bent.

Hehe ;-)
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