Magic Dice Exit Scam?

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Did Magic Dice just do an exit scam?

I've been suspecting this was about to happen for a few weeks now, but looks like it finally just did.

They deleted their Discord server, the API and the website is offline. They even drained their account and powering down what Steem Power they have.

If you have delegations to Magic Dice, I recommend removing them immediately.

From what I could tell, the project was run by @zombee, the same guy who made Dmania. There isn't a lot to go on to identify who @zombee is in real life so he can be reported to authorities, but I am still digging and have some clues I'm chasing down.

It's still early to tell, but it sure looks like he packed up and ran. As far as I can see, it looks like they made off with 531,584.860 Steem and 3295.2160 SBD.

For the last few weeks, they stopped paying dividends to a few of the larger players who stopped playing a while ago.

I have contacted Binance to start an investigation.

There are 20 pages

Do not only contact Binance (he could have traded here anonymously). There are also transactions that lead from Bittrex to @magicdice (6 months ago). I am really convinced that withdrawals from Bittrex were stopped for unverified users. Even in late 2017, the limit was lowered to 0.025 BTC, but this transaction contains 5k SBD. I hope this could help a lot with identifying him.

EDIT: @zombee (and even @magicdice1) has indeed made a few transactions to @bittrex - and with one memo for each coin (SBD/STEEM).

We should create a discord group in order to talk. If we have any news, let us know: the roads are binance and bittrex.

All zombee's accounts are: @zombee, @dmania, @meme-maniac, @garanger, @terimar, @tank-girl, @sinsister, @ready-player-one, @puppet-master, @coindeluxe, @magicdice, @magicdice1, @magicdice2, @magicdice3.

If you have time, you may look at them. Maybe you can find at least something interesting.

I can't see any direct transfer or anything between magicdice's accounts and powerguy that would not be bets, referral or dividends claims.

But I found that @powerguy is owner of these accounts: @assassinss, @crypto-miner, @dice-dice, @diceking, @kingdice, @powerguy, @steem-nice, @steem-steem.

So it really stinks... those accounts were the biggest wagerrers.. so @powerguy was 'mining' the tokens all the time, not just in the beginning. What is interesting that @powerguy received transactions through binance (screenshot below), although he uses upbit. I like the memo of these txs.


yes he created tempting dividends for all of them and that in any case they came into his first pocket. People were happy to play for good dividends. In my opinion he is inside the scam, I'm almost certain.

Just feeling is not enough, I need to find some proof.

I have just found that @powerguy with his accounts use this memo for binance: 103700729. But nobody else uses it. So powerguy has a separate Binance account, as it is not possible to create new memo here. this is the server to talk about the magicdice scam and look for solutions.

He simply has to be verified on Bittrex... if under his real name, that is the real question.

He has two bittrex accounts, he is not just an asshole, I think there are two or three

Actually, it could be just one account! Memos for SBD and for STEEM are different overthere (if I remember correctly, I do not use Bittrex anymore).

yes you're right, I didn't think of sbd, but I think there's a wider range of accounts and people, it's a feeling.

I knew there was a reason I never used it lol

Gambling games aren't usually developed by honest people, may be exceptions to this but not in this case. People should be more cautious with their money and with who are supporting to.

The site wasn't even developed by zombee.. It was a clone from a publicly available script..

I have noticed that they were transferring huge amounts of Steem to @magicdice1 and then to Binance. I also planned to write something about the whole ecosystem (everyone was betting for dividends, that would not be sustainable and the volume of bets would decrease over time). Unfortunately, I was too lazy. I am quite surprised right now, I did not really think they would exit scam. They were taking (according to what they showed on the site) whole 60% of profits, so wouldn't their profits be somehow legitimate if they did not exit scam?

I also fell into it, lost some STEEMs in exchange for dividends, but I do not need them. Thank you for your article and I hope they will be punished for their actions.

Daily withdrawal limit on Binance for unverified users is set to 2 BTC so it is very probable that they traded here somewhat anonymously. 580k Steems over a time span of 5 months is not that much.

Absolutely agree about it being an unsustainable business model especially when a few bit bot owners were taking the vast majority of the rokens.
Kryptogamers seem to be addressing this by using tradable tokens on Steem engine and have said will buy tokens back. Not sure this is perfect but it's better I think.

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Bot or not you only take what you earn (and risk)

Of course, but bots play 24hr and I am sure are created not to lose more than the benefits in dividend payments then of course it's an ever decreasing circle so the 'risk' is almost non existent.

Posted using Partiko Android this is the server to talk about the magicdice scam and look for solutions.

Sorry to see it happened but guess we all see it coming when things going off here and there recently(we do keeping a close eye on the gaming industry on Steam).

Fortunately, EpicDice can pretty much fills up the hole left empty by MD, with second-to-none transparency level in the whole industry, promptly customer service mainly responsible by @fr3eze (aka blocksensei). All on top of most straightforward provably-fair verification system. We aim to build a true blockchain gaming platform as trustless as possible whereby most of our business logic could be monitored and audited by anyone, if they choose to.

Furthermore in the near future, we have a major release that would likely boom the value of our native SE token (EPC), a plan to expand our reach by hiring moderators from the community, and endless effort in improving our platform.

We are still in the infant stage of our journey (only 3% of token were minted), and we really looking forward for your participation.

Talk to us, or we shall see you in the game!

I can definitely vouch for @epicdice though their platform is not as robust as MD yet. But as said by them, they are still in their infancy atm. They badly need some automated betting integration or compatibility with tools like mydicebot & boookeeping and a fat bankroll for allowing bigger bets.

The only major issue I see with @epicdice is they don't know the difference between STEEM & SBD and consider both at par! MD used to pay dividends in STEEM + SBD according to the profits in the currency wagered. ED should follow that or should not offer an option to wager with SBD. It's quite unfair of them.

Otherwise, their communication, intention and operations look fair to me among all other games here.

I'm the largest EPC holder after the team holdings.

I agree with you @xyzashu about the things you mentioned above about @epicdice.
I remembered that you warn me about the @magicdice that they was not good and not communicate properly from day one, and you did not play too much there. I also see many times their communication on discord server that they are hiding the things. But i seen @themarkymark is playing too hard and didn't check & find out their intention. That's the worst point of @themarkymark. The @marky only checked their batting fairness.

Thank good @xyzashu to not played magicdice. Only testing the platform and warn about from day one about their unfairness.

I think we have to forget @magicdice, no if no but forget magicdice and @themarkymark philosophy about the steem platform. He is the stand with gun and playing too hard gambling and blacklisting steemians without any fault. Only thing is that not agree with their philosophy put into blacklist. But all the way is the great steemians with witness badge.

All the way i still continue voted @themarkymark as witness and like their stand about things. Always stand hard with their own decision. No one can change it, that is the good point.

Yeah, Although I didn't know anything about the people behind @magicdice, it looked shady to me since its inception. When they couldn't properly address my fundamental queries about their project, I got suspicious of them and thought to wait until they clarify. But that was never to come!

I won't like to blame @themarkymark for not checking or finding about the team. He did a great job in verifying the fairness of their algorithm. But fairness of code doesn't imply integrity of intentions of the team behind it.

I know, many people were feeling comfortable in playing at @magicdice as respected and intellectual Steemians like @themarkymark were leading players on that platform. But there is no denying the principle - DYOR. Don't follow anybody when YOUR finances are involved.

However, it would have been better if @themarkymark had not waited until this day and given out some clues like he mentions now as:

For the last few weeks, they stopped paying dividends to a few of the larger players who stopped playing a while ago.

He should have been vocal about this fact. But probably he was waiting for some concrete evidence like he got today.

I never placed any bet on MD except the one bet in its initial days to test how they process it. All magic tokens I had received were a gift as some contest prize from them. I'm indebted to MagicDice community for all the STEEM and MAGIC I was offered in their resteem prize.

But once I'm in doubt, it's really hard to win my trust again. Same is applicable for SteemBet. Although they rendered a public apology and promised to be more transparent and interactive with the community, I didn't find it so. I doubt they are related to BetX on EOS (that recently announced to move on Binance chain) as they have copied their entire design and colour theme here. I remember BetX too was not fair to honour its coin-age model and they couldn't wait until their pre-announced timing for first dividend distribution. I see that I have some dividend to claim on SteemBet platform but dunno why I can't claim it!

Regarding @themarkymark's blacklisting policy, I don't know much about it. As a matter of fact, every Steemian is free to blacklist / unfollow / mute / follow / whitelist anyone at their own individual discretion. Some people are quick to draw conclusions and judge people on the basis of a few isolated incidents. Ignore such people and keep doing what you do!

I've rarely interacted with Marky, so I don't know much about his stance. I remember pointing him for his unfair principle and rules for transacting with his bid-bot buildawhale in initial days. His answer was like everyone else is doing that so he is also following them! This answer didn't make me communicate with him further. If every dapp starts cheating or scamming people here, it doesn't set the benchmark for ethics and can't justify running your own dapp for purpose of scamming. But many people copy and derive their principles and values by watching others. Can't help in that case!

But kudos to you that you're still voting Marky as your witness! I appreciate your gesture. ^Criticize the people's act when they should be but don't condemn them.*

Steem on!
...or gamble on ...if you so wish. Here is my referral link for Epic Dice. 😊

However, it would have been better if @themarkymark had not waited until this day and given out some clues like he mentions now as:

I privately warned a lot people well ahead of time, but I had no concrete proof. It was just gut feeling from things I noticed.

It's hard to claim someone is scamming without proof, that's slander.

I remember pointing him for his unfair principle and rules for transacting with his bid-bot buildawhale in initial days.

What unfair principle and rules?

People need to start supporting more good cause projects like @aid.venezuela.... to muuuuch money lost that these people can use for humanitarian aid...

Also, if people want to earn money just sell vote or delegate to any good bot with reward share...

offtopic: the another problem will be, so much people that don't know how to undelegate to magicdice and so much sp locked in that account

undelegate here

make sure you use steemconnect to sign your undelegation

I hope this emboldens you to keep watching for shady apps. I can't imagine watching these guys so closely like you did.

Another scam. Great marketing for Steem once again...

It's just funny because they could've continued making money.

No they couldn't. Their dividend payments would have overtaken their income

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after marky has reported it to Binance, CZ may consider delisting Steem LOLZ

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Just another game with tons of support out-survived by free games with little to no support.

How do they keep doing it? What is their sekrut?

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@themarkymark - another steemy tragedy, and outrage that platforms like to come & leave us out to dry..

But i'm curious how you came up w/ the STEEM/SBD amount they left w/ because that seemed a big high to me. Also, they seemed to have paid divies just fine over the past few weeks as far as I could tell. I know i was gettin them at least. (that said, still irritated as heck of their sudden departure... so dishonest)

I analyzed how much they sent to Binance. I know a large (350K-400K Steem) goes to one user I believe is being paid off chain so the amount really only is 50K-150K or so most likely.

Next time don't use Dapps that are created by unknown entities.

Lol it was run by zombee and people still delegated to it ? And you took the time and effort to play like 2m bets on it ?

Steem, come for the rewards, stay for the umm, what was it?

This is Steem, short memories. Ironic considering the Blockchain remembers everything :D

Same concept of Trevon James being super popular here despite his previous actions and current lawsuit(s).


If someone has the power to give you an upvote, money, maybe even just a little attention people will forget all sorts of bad behavior.

ain't that the truth.

Don't even bother to look at how much his alts played dice too! :D

LOL! Hahahaha.

Glad I never touched that shit. @zombee strikes again

No surprises here.

Oh nice This is the post I have been searching for

Why do people keep supporting scams/scammers and not stuff like @brosgn and @brosino? Is it because we don’t run ponzis and then ditch the community after banking 500K+ STEEM that we’ll dump on the market before moving to the next chain?

I'm pretty sure a bulk of the 560K isn't Steemians, there was one player that I believe was being paid off-chain behind the scenes to take massive loses (~350K-400K Steem) to dilute the token making it pay out a lot less. I suspect the real loses are around 50-150K Steem. Rest are just wash loses being reimbursed, but I never had hard evidence.

Are there any honest gambling sites.
!dramatoken I need a !beer

There is an honest non-gambling casino that uses virtual credits. Run by Steem users who don’t scam people time and again. Follow @brosgn and @brosino. Check out the BRO Casino (BROsino) to see how it all works.

We’ve got a lot more coming. Would be nice to get the kind of support all of these scammers always receive from the community. Imagine how much more we could do with just a quarter of the money Magic Dice received, considering almost everything we’ve done so far has been funded ourselves.

Honest? I keep losing! Sheesh.

100% feel you here.. is my preferred casino offering.

100% no hype token bullshit and I won't run off with your investment. <3

If you wish to try Epic Dice, here's my referral link. Although I don't know the people behind it personally, I feel more comfortable on this platform than others. If you wish to use my referral for it, I'd extend some gift to you. Hopefully, I'll make a post for it to give some details on it.

OMG. Another exit scam.
That's going to generate some
worthy meltdowns

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Thanks for this report @themarkymark. I hope this doesn't hurt @thedarkhorse, the founder of the @pifc community!

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Luckily I have been on top of pulling my dividends so only lost future earnings which kind of sucks...but it isn't the end of the world. Between my accounts I wasn't in to bad of shape and have earned more on KryptoGamers then I lost on MD.

Really surprised they did this considering the profit levels they were making each week. Not sure why people feel the need to scam when they have the ability to actually just earn.

I just hope we don’t see this from others.

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Me too. Sucks seeing this happen for those that were banking on dividends to recoup their losses. To many felt that it was ok to loose steem every day to "mine" MD tokens in hopes of future dividends.

I was collecting dividends but stopped gambling with them a while back.

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That is exactly my situation. I would jump on collect the dividends and make a couple bets as they always seemed to let you win a few bets before screwing you. So I would make 1-2 steem each time and then grab my dividends.

Glad to hear this @thedarkhorse. Couldn't exactly "call" you (old school dude here ...) ... 😉 ... or text you ("new" school ...), so this was the best I could do to alert you to what might a problem.

"Not sure why people feel the need to scam when they have the ability to actually just earn."

Because there are a lot of good and bad people in the world. And from where I sit, a lot more of the former than the latter ...

lol...I guess being tagged to be alerted is truly new school.

Because there are a lot of good and bad people in the world. And from where I sit, a lot more of the former than the latter ...

There are clearly more good people out there then there are bad. It's just sad the bad people don't realize that with less effort and without harming others they could have so much more success.

There are 20 pages