Boy With Rare Cancer Makes Miracle Recovery After His Mom Gave Him Cannabis

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Deryn Blackwell is a 13-year-old child who had been diagnosed with Leukaemia and Langerhans cell sarcoma a few years ago. It's very rare to have the two cancers together and Blackwell underwent years of hospital treatment to try and remedy the problem.

As the illness progressed, Deryn was in excruciating pain and allegedly became addicted to morphine and yet he was still suffering a lot of the time his mom says. This prompted her to get on the internet and start looking for possible alternative options out there that might be able to help him.

At first, his mother asked the doctor about a drug called Bedrocan which is supposed to be a cannabis-based painkiller option. But the doctor allegedly told the mother that because there hadn't been any official trials with that drug where it had been tested on children, that she couldn't prescribe it.

Back to the morphine!

His mother then decided that she was going to try and get her son cannabis to try. They risked jail time in order to try and acquire the cannabis for their son. She says she was also worried about the possibility of the state taking away her child because she was making the decision to give him cannabis, so the husband took responsibility for the operation.

The parents gave their son a vape pen in order to take the cannabis while he was allegedly still in his hospital bed. After a few minutes of administering the cannabis, Deryn said he felt a little more relaxed and that the pain had relatively subsided.

The illness then proceeded to get worse however, and Deryn was subsequently moved to a hospice and he even started planning a funeral for himself. Deryn's mother says that one night he asked her to try and end his life for him because he couldn't take it any longer and he didn't want any more morphine.

His mother then had the thought to administer the cannabis oil directly to him orally, without using any vape pen.

In the next coming days, his mother was ready to administer the oil to him any time he had any sort of flare-up, so that he could try and get some remedy from the suffering as his health declined.

Deryn slowly started to see improvement and somehow miracously showed signs that he had overcome three serious infections, all without a properly functioning immune system. Deryn was told that he didn't have long to live, that his illness was terminal. And yet he's still alive today and he has made a miracle recovery.

Deryn is now 17 years old and he has plans to pursue a career as a vegan chef.

The doctors caution anyone to believe that cannabis had something to do with his recovery, but still many people are finding it hard to ignore the results. And his mother wants to share his story with the world so that others might be able to be helped or saved in the future.

His mother wrote a book about her experience with his recovery and it's called The Boy In 7 Billion.

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The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.



I recently watched a video about a man with Parkinson's who takes cannabis oil and recovers almost 100%. It seems the oil is key, although we all know smoking anything is bad for you. Perhaps the oil diffuses more rapidly or has a slightly different chemical structure from the vapor.

This really highlights the need to federally legalize marijuana so more tests can be performed. I believe it will happen soon, perhaps with this Supreme Court.

You commented in great manner; loaded with further information and something that will be of create use in our future SteemLab as we work to using the power of steemit, its steem technology and great steemians to bring solutions to many of mankind's problems and especially, with regards to health. Kudos! We all have different views but you comment sparks the need for further research!

Clean cannabis, full terpene extract oils are the key. ;) High CBD, with at least 3% THC is also much more effective than extremely low THC, high CBD cannabis.


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CBD oil from Hemp also an excellent source of Cannabis for those of you not in a legalized state. CBD from Hemp has been proven effective in Inflammatory Bowel disorders such as IBS and Crohn's. My patients taking CBD oil from Hemp report symptom relief up to 80%. It is excellent, and so is this boy's story!
Scholarly articles here:

Again, we all have different views but no turn should be left unturned, when it comes to research towards cure for health ailment and you put a means for further research and your insight as a doctor as well within you comment. Every information in this regard is valuable. Happy commenting!

We must have been on the same brain wave today. I know you post many articles related to medical marijuana, I actually did one about CBD oil today. You should check it out homie!

i will! thanks for letting me know!


Easily test the cannabis you're using for CBD content, with this...

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I used to think that people defending Cannabis are just a bunch of potheads, but now, I see a lot of people talking about it which made me think that it must be useful. It definitely feels like Cannabis is being kept down by people in power.

This is an amazing story and I'm very happy that he's healthy now. I have done alot of research regarding the medical use of Marijuana since I have chronical back pain myself and have already been addicted to pain killers a couple years ago.

We need medical marijuana, that's a fact.

Cannabis heals so many and even when it can't heal them it does comfort them in their last days. Grow a flower and save someone's health! Following all who commented! Overgrow big pharma

Great story! Reshared. Keep it up.
Cannabis works, whether or not a "Doctor" agrees.
The medical industry ought to be administering cannabis
and recording the results; not BLOCKING EVERY attempt
to use it. Insanity!

Wow that is amazing. It just goes to show doctors are great at fixing us if we have a wound or broken leg. But when it comes to our health our best shot is alternative medicines not the drugs they give us that destroy our immune system. That is weird I just up voted and your steemit money went down 3 cents...

Very cool.
We've looked into getting some CBD for our ol' girl, Joogsie. But it's such a tangled web when trying to find a good source. Prices are all over the map. How does one find the best resource for the best price and avoid the snake oil salesmen? It's a tough call.
Thanks for sharing.

i have heard really great reviews for
and they have pet varieties! "CW Paws Hemp Oil"

Oh, cool. Thanks!!!

You can easily test the cannabis you're using for CBD content, with this...

8-Minute DIY Home Test!! Clear and Accurate results!.

Best results from CBD usage kick in at about 3 weeks of daily usage!

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Do your research when finding a good CBD oil. I have heard good reviews about:

Canabis is a tradisional medicine healer for cancer and sweet blood in Aceh. See at my post too

Weed for the win!

Congrats, @doitvoluntarily! The style is enganging. Very nice.

cannabis , a cancer healer , thanks for posting ;-))

absolutely right, if used properly, a lot of benefits of the cannabis plant for the treatment and others ..

couldn't agree more ;-)

IMHO cannabis is so much safer than prescription drugs. As time goes on I hear more and more about the medical benefits of using it. It should be an individual's choice just like alcohol. I choose not to drink alcohol, but do not feel it is my place to try to convince others not to use it. The same should go for cannabis.

Our government has been "brainwashing" us for many years that cannabis is not safe. I believe that when prohibition (alcohol) went away they needed to replace it with something, and cannabis was one of the things they chose. Prior to that it was perfectly legal. Time to let adults choose for themselves.

If they have an illness that can be treated with cannabis, then they should be able to use what works for them. The side effects for so many prescription drugs are worse than the ailment. I have yet to hear of a death from using cannabis, although the number of deaths from prescription-drug use is outrageous!

Great post. We need more education in the public domain, and social media is a great way to spread the word.

I am just happy because this boy is ok .

nice info... thnks

and we all thought it is bad for us ,

All is well that ends well

Wonderful post. Well done