Honestly I don't know much about markets and I know that sounds bad but I just learned lots of new information from you and it's important to understand these concepts in order to understand markets and how it all works . Also it helps to know if you're making the right investment or not

Same here definitely its really healping

Thanks for that great video @fyrstikken. My nooby questions have been answered haha. It was really helpful :) Let the trading begin hahahaha :P

Im not skilled in charting, but i still leave a comment to maybe get an upvote and support you as a steemit activist. Haha being honest is hard

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Amazing video, thanks for investing in golos, I support the project also, and I feel that is improving better than steemit, here is what I've writen about this topic: Steemit in term of improvement, I hope you will write about this also, maybe steemit team will listen to you and make that good change that I am asking about in my post.

It may be hard, but it sure is fun!!

Great video @fyrstikken nice about market knowledge

Hey @fyrstikken, nice video hehe confusing all those different candles.
Did you take a look at this comment? The second edition is now up, perhaps you'd like to support!

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ahahahhahaaha I came specifically to your page to see what ur up to and I see this title and I am like WTF a post about bars and candles? What does that even mean and how could that be valuable?
Now that I watch it I see that it is VERY valuable and yes a lot of us need this education.
Thanks for that. Also fyi I watch all your videos now cause ur voice is just awesome!

me too. But I'm still dizzy
and not yet understand
I try to play back
up to several times ....
hopefully there will be information
which is clearer

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very nice thanks my friend

Thanks for this bro!! lol Chinese chess players 😂

Thanks Fyrstikken -- I learned a lot from this. Cheers! (Meaghie)

Really good tips, i laugh a lot with this " virgin chart"

@dim753 I'm agree with you

Great tips. Thanks!

Good morning friend

Thanks for share my friends....

Nice video its confusing with candles

Thanks for the video, this will help me dip my toes into all this

I say thanks for @fyrstikken : some have not
I know and exist in this video

nice thanks for your help :)

Great video @fyrstikken. In the beginning its a bit confusing but once you put your mind in it. Its easy.

much harder than thought bro

Yes, unfortunately, it's harder than I thought

Nicely explained about it thanks for the video chao chao :D

Thank you fro the video. I always like to watch tutorials.

I always tried to learn about these charts and patterns but was in bad luck always. Although I fully believe in fundamental and technical analysis but for me the charts are like big bang theory.

Thanks for the information got to know few new information and will try to use them :)

very interesting and informative video, thank you very much for sharing it with the whole community @fyrstikken

Thanks for that great video @fyrstikken.

Keep it up . Waiting for your next post

nice and resteem

Ahah I'm out.. Thanks for sharing anyway

You have an angelic voice @fyrstikken

Thanks for that great video @fyrstikken.

Thanks for upvoting my post. I appreciate that

Great post

I am trying to learn from youtube videos. :)

thanking you for this post.. i get many information from this video.. thaks for sharing it wd us