Easiest Way to Setup a Masternode

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Check out this video once you've already come to your own conclusion to set up a masternode in the coin of your choice. I've explored several different hosting platform options that could work for you and also there's some material that can help you establish your own setup.

Check it out!

Additional Reading/Links:

Allnodes offers node monitoring and node hosting depending on your needs. Has some decent reviews from users.

Nodestop works with cold storage

Tittium allows you to invest in masternode pools, they support airdrops but you have to pay for their service using their cryptocurrency.

Nodehub allows you to vote on proposals for the network of your masternode

Check this link for those who feel comfortable dealing with managing the VPS themselves, and want to cut out one of the middlemen, I’ve found this review to be very informative and in-depth. It’s important to keep in mind that different masternodes have different requirements so make sure to do your due diligence to determine if that VPS provides what you’ll need in order to run that particular masternode.


Great info as usual @heiditravels!! Just adding some extra information, study before setting the masternode and paying for the VPS server the price evolution of the coin you want to do the masternode...In my case, long time ago, I had a SmartCash node, the coin was loosing value everyday, so the coins mined didn't paid for the VPS...So, choose a healthy coin! dont go for the cheapest & easyiest one

Great point. Investing in a masternode very much should be treated as the serious investment that it is.

All the best because of not long ago! ;-)
See you at SF, right? :-)

many people got burned with Master Nodes. Even the top few like PVIX and Smartcash crashed to the ground.You loose money running the server. DASH,PVIX and smartcash were the few projects that were getting adopted. I have nothing to say about the rest