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Maize challenge and Kartoffelherausforderung

Last year, I announced 2 challenges with big prize money and haven't paid out yet.
That's because I am lazy and unmotivated, not because I want to keep the $$$.

I wanted to only post after I finally picked the winners and paid out the prizes...


I have some difficulties here in real life, which means I will have to stay off HIVE for some weeks (probably like 2).
I will return, I will pay out the prizes, I will keep blogging and voting on Hive; Just not for the next few days. I have to go offline for a short while.

No big problems, no need to worry.
Just wanted to let the people know, who might be waiting on their prize money.

Me and the funds are safu.

Bye for now

Be back soon




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Oh so sorry about the difficulty, I wish you all the best.

Stay bless and have a wonderful time.

It is absolutely understandable. Most of us have difficulties. I hope that we all overcome our difficulties. I wish you all the best. And it is good to see a blog post from you after seven months.

Hey @felixxx schön dich auch mal wieder zu lesen. Ich hoffe dir geht’s gut. Ich dachte aus einem deiner letzten Kommentare oder Beiträge heraus gelesen zu haben, das du den Glauben in DPOS verloren hättest. Falls ich was gewonnen habe, schick mir das einfach in @craftink Packs.

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In addition, @felixxx gets !PIZZA from @hiq.redaktion.

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Tranquilo amigo tómese el tiempo qué necesite ante todo primero está resolver sus dificultades y ya cuándo este mejor regresé con nosotros 👍👍

Beautiful ❤️❤️


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Good luck with you offline work.

Ohh, I even thought the price have been paid out a long time ago and was wondering why there's no challenge this year. Nice to get an update from you.
Really sorry to hear that you are have some life difficulties. I hope you overcome them soonest.

Hope everything is okay.

Big up Buddy, stay safe!🚬

I just read this while I was looking to see how you are doing. Anyway, I hope you're OK. We missed you at Hivefest. 😘

I believe ur judgement @felixxx all the best

Good to see you're back and safe @felixxx