Thc infused sunflower oil.

in #medicallast year

Some home made natural medicine. Infusion done with a Levo 2, i used some pink freezland grown outdoor with sunflower oil. If my memory is good I used 10g of dry flower and it gave me a 500ml of infuse thc oil. Then I fill some caps with the product.


Nice work. That's going to be some great help to people in need. Excellent job.

Thanks bud. Foe sure it's going to be great help to people in need.

Well it's allready helping some people. I gave a full jar of infuse oil to a women who have healt problem. And tried all kind of drugs the doctors gave her, nothing was working for her and even worst it was making her healf deteriorate.

She was anti-weed in the past and wasnt sure if she should try the infusion.

She finally tried it and was amazed by the result. She reward me with the greatest gift of all, her gratitude and respect. She can finally have good nights of sleep since she is taking her natural medicine.

It's quite an amazing thing that a simple flower makes people completely rethink their outlook on life.

Keep up the amazing healing of the sick people.

Oh cool! Never seen sunflower oil be used before. I bet those are great!

Yeah they are great, and the sunflower seeds oil is like 99% chance of not having any allergic reaction to it compare to coconut oil.

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