Meet up steemian

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Hi all steemian, how are you all. Hopefully healthy and successful always. Indeed flatform this is quiet from the talks, unlike in early 2018. I am still here, still with a post, although not surfing first post.

Tonight I was with some steemit friends holding a meet-up, to tighten the silaturrahmi rope. We gather together while burning fish. Meet-up this time only a few companions steemit, like @ayoldonya, @muchsin and @kingfriends.

I'm with @ayoldonya is fanning the coals to make the fish evenly roasted.

This seasoning we dab on the fish, so the fish taste more delicious and the smell of fishy gone. Seasoning is a mixture of spices like regular cooking spices.

Roasted fish and seasoning of soy sauce and seasoning of the fruit that has been in chopped. Seeing it alone will increase your appetite.


Woow the fish lookss Great ! enjoy the meet up and Fish !


Thank you, we have greet meet-up with best steemit friends.

A good gathering event, hopefully established @jamilfian. I am proud to be joining people like @jamilfian

Good job