Chap Goh Mei celebration & Steemit Meet Up

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How has your weekend been so far? I would say I had a pretty exciting weekend this week.

Chap Goh Mei celebration

My weekend started on Friday night, where @dilresh and myself decided to join @wilsonkoh, @cathmot and their family to Labuan's annual Chap Goh Mei celebration which was held in Sg. Keling where the majority of Chinese Community in Labuan lives.

The celebration was so grand and you can see not only the Chinese community but all walks of life came to experience it together.

Here are some photos taken during the Chap Goh Mei celebration at Station 2 (there were 4 stations all together):

Food offerings to Gods

Lots and lots of varieties of food offered to Gods


Endless Fireworks

This is the first time I attended such a grand Chap Goh Mei celebration throughout my life and I will definitely come back next year to experience it one more time.. hopefully I can visit all 4 stations next year..

Steemit Meet-up

@nickychu, @wilsonkoh, @cathmot, me, @dilresh & @kuyagambit

Last night, we had our 1st Steemit meet-up for March. This meet-up is more on updating our progress in Steemit.

Also, we also noticed that the number of registered steemians are quite encouraging but the number of active ones (create contents everyday) are less than half of total headcounts. We were discussing on what can be done to support the non-active steemians.

@wilsonkoh also explained about the initiave that he @papanog & @davidngtv came up with which they called the Small Little Circle (SLC). Want to know more about this initiative? Click the link below:

Some may agree with this initiative but some may find that this may not work out..but hey, if this is about supporting each other, I'm IN.. I have nothing to lose afterall..

We were then joined by other friends who are also into crypto but in different platform. It was very interesting to hear about crypto from other platform and we definitely learned new things last night through the Q&A thrown and answered by everyone of us.

Overall, we had a great weekend together, learned and shared our thoughts/knowledge and I hope that Wilson, Daniel and their respective families reached home in KK safely.

Till next time...




It was a great meet-up! 😘

Yeah.. it was indeed a great one..

Good effort @connie1018.
Good that you are encouraged by this method to build a community of newbies to grow. Thanks
Keep on posting.


Good initiative by @davidngtv, @wilsonkoh & yourself @papanog.. will support whatever initiative that will bring benefits to the community.. thanks!

Good to know that. Cheers

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Awww... we missed out on the fun weekend! Enjoyed reading your post and great photos... such a colourful event! Jealous sia! Anyway, thanks for sharing @connie1018! 😉

The Chap Goh Mei event was fun @gelfire.. perhaps we can organize steemit chap goh mei in labuan next year?? Hahaha..

Yes, yes! We should! The more the merrier! 😉

Bah.. we KIV for next year program!