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@fyrstikken, But i am travelling with Steem Train for full time journey. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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From scam to reality!!!

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cryptocurrency are the future of money

bruh ima flag u like I did to @moeknows , step off,

ill call up @supermeatboy who will just flag everyone

I have come to the defense of @salahchiva!

Фирстиккен вперед!



I will accept those scams for proper disposal if anybody wants to be rid of them.

ENGAURD I have ATTACKED you in a REAL LIFE DrugWars Spinoff I call, FLAG or BE FLAGGED. To fight me, flag my comment back and call upon youre RICHEST Friends with SP and request their help, and in the process you might earn some Steem-engine STINGY Tokens @stingy

I accept your challenge. I flagged this post, but felt it should remain visible on Steemit. I shall return to flag other posts of yours. The war has begun.