My first meme

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So I'm off today, it's raining and I can't get outside. So,I thought I'd try something new....making memes.

I take loads of pictures and some are meme worthy lol. Or I think so anyways. I'll let y'all be the judge😲😉🥰

Firstly, the meme-maker I used is MemeTastic

I chose this picture of Micah (my youngest grandson) due to the determination on his face. He's such a mess. What do you think? Did I meme it correctly? Please let me know what you think🤗



Haha, This is Cutest meme I'm seeing on hive today!!

LMFAO 🤣 hell yeah, can't stop my laugh so Gonna say you did very well on first meme!

Welcome to fight club oh I mean meme club!

Have a great day ahead!

Thanks so much! His look said it all🥰

My pleasure. Yea he's so cute 🥺

After posting I noticed the warning lable... Another good one would have been this kid comes with a warning lable🤣🤣


I used to be addicted to the hokey-pokey
but then I turned myself around.

Credit: theabsolute
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