Landscapes and Memories

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Authored by @ifarmgirl

Photos make us reminisce memories of the past. Thankfully, technology had been evolving, allowing us to store many of our "memories" digitally, then we can go back to them by accessing our files anytime we can.

Then here's Hive blockchain where we can also keep them, hopefully forever.

There was a few hours of power outage today which kept me offline and had time to check our archives in the laptop and found these photos which reminded me of a trip we had years ago.

We were on a speed train from ChaoYang China going to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year long holidays when these landscapes caught my eyes and so click! click! click!

The day was gloomy and the color of the sky gave the farm photos some kind of a nostalgic atmosphere.

The stretchy fields and the mountains in the backdrop seem to have transported me elsewhere for a while.

Looking at the timestamps of these photos, all of them were captured in a span of one minute at noon time (12:23-12:24). These made me remember the old Sony cam we had back then which I don't even know where it is now. Might be in the other house.

When will I get the chance to see such a landscape again, I wonder... Might need to take a trip down to the lowlands for a similar view. Hopefully... one day soon...

Thank you and have an awesome day!

All photos are my own. 280622/21:25


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Beautiful shots! I can't imagine having to deal with regular intermittent power outages. We get really spoiled over here with only getting them when bad weather comes through and knocks lines down. I guess that is part of the reason the companies aren't too worried about our infrastructure being so old. We are still better off than a lot of places.

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Great pictures my friend thanks for sharing on Listnerds have the best day 😎

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It is great that you have captured these memories of overseas adventures.
Saw this on ListNerd:)

Thank you :)

Nice shots of the Chinese landscape. Your photos brought me back into my “memory bank” as well. I have some great shots of the Chinese landscape too.

Thank you, it's nice to revisit the "memory bank" once in a while :)


Beautiful landscape photos, Thanks for sharing.