🔰 What Tron is actually trying to achieve ? - Let's find out in layman terms.

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                         Almost everybody in the crypto community has heard of the TRON platform. Many praise it 👌while others criticize it 👎, whatever it may be, we all cannot deny the fact that TRON has achieved a lot in a very short span of time.
                         Whether its the migration from being a token on the Ethereum blockchain to a coin in its own native blockchain or forming partnerships with companies, it has overcome a lot of barriers and the cool part is that it is still in its infancy, so we still have time to get involved.

                         But many people are still confused about the main intention of the TRON platform, I mean many people still can't get their head around its purpose of existence and why they might like to use the platform. So this article is a little effort from my side to explain the purpose of the TRON platform in layman terms so people can get a grasp of the concept. So let's start, shall we? 😊😊😊

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  • Building a Decentralized Platform for content creators 🤵

The Tron project aims to build a platform ecosystem where it's users can freely publish and own their data and earn from their content. Let me explain this to you by citing an example.😄


                        Let's suppose you are a content creator and want to make money from your website, videos etc; in order to do so you must go through giant companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube and to name a few. The problem here is that after you have published your content you have little to no control over your own content. That is to say, these giant companies then control your data and monetize it as they want in return for providing you with their platform, so as to say they act as a middleman and sometimes they do so not even sharing a dime with you. Even if they happen to share profits with you, it's on their own terms and conditions which most of the time benefits them and not the content creator. You must have probably heard of demonetization of youtube videos, which is an example of such case. Apart from that, your data is censored too which is not good from a decentralised point of view and then there are many other issues like lack of transparency etc.


                        Since Tron's platform users own their data/content, they have full control of their data/content and can monetize it accordingly. That is to say for every like, view you get on your content, you get compensated directly from the network and don't have to share your profit as there is no middleman here. Apart from this, since is open source it has a high transparency. So the Tron Platform aims to put power back into the hand of the creators.

  • Platform for others to create their own coins and Apps

Tron allows anyone to create their own token or App on top of its blockchain. In very simple terms you can think of it as the Google Play Store for apps built on Tron protocol without the censorship part. This is a huge step as this lowers the barrier to entry. Example of a popular protocol running on Tron blockchain is GIFTO, which is a decentralized virtual gifting 🎁 protocol to incentivize and monetize 💰 content generation for individuals worldwide. So app or companies using Tron blockchain can issue their customers their custom token.


  • Act as a medium of exchange

One more important aspect of Tron is that it can act as a medium of exchange using its native currency Tronix(TRX). Let me elaborate on this.


                        Suppose there are two apps on the Tron platform, say App A(coffee drinks company) and App B( live stream platform like uplive.com), now you being a content creator provide content on uplive.com and in this process earn the custom tokens of App B, but after your show end you feel like going out and have a cup of warm coffee for refreshment. So you decide to order your coffee on App A, but you noticed that you have 0 App A custom tokens but remember, you still have some App B tokens. Now in this scenario, Tron comes to your rescue, as both App A and App B are built on Tron Blockchain, you can seamlessly pay for your coffee using your App B token and the Tron network will convert your App B tokens to Trx and then Trx to App A token behind the scenes. So in this way, Tron will act as a medium of exchange.

curent status.png

arrow.pngTRON main net launched.
arrow.pngMigration from Ethereum blockchain to its own Blockchain.
arrow.pngSeveral partnerships announced and apps built on Tron, one most prominent is GIFTO, which was on Ethereum blockchain too, but now has moved on to Tron's Blockchain.


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Tron is unquestionably a standout amongst the most energizing ventures out there. It's an unmistakable situation where decentralization is prevalent, from a certain point of view, to existing concentrated administrations and stages. Moreover, the likelihood of presenting control safe substance distributing in China is extremely noteworthy.

informative bro, i also expect a huge from this crypto.

Thank you @pradeepkr34. Yeah, you are right, Tron has a huge potential both as a platform and as an investment option.

i think tron will be cross $1 at the end of September

Well,😀 I wish that too but considering the mammoth circulating supply of Tron(currently ~ 65 Billion), it would have to have a market cap of ~65 Billion dollars, which is a bit hard to achieve till this September also its bear market now, but definitely for mid-term to long-term it will happen 100% considering the size and ambition of the project. I am very bullish on Tron.A must investment from my side.

thanks for the info bro i'm reading about this cryto

You're most welcome.👍👍

Very helpful information
Tron has huge potential

Thank you @ravi7711, I'm glad you liked it.

tron is a good coin we have good hope

yes, bro.😁

I must say, you put a lot of effort in creating this post. I did know about Tron creating content creators platform.
Also i like how you created that ecosystem diagram yourself. Good stuff.

Thank you, @guggis. I really appreciate your kind words, just trying to put a little effort from my side to post good content.😅

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Thank you bro.

The fact that it is an overall performer with so many features and that it is lead by a dynamic leader means that it will always continue to surprise its haters @pankajborah

Yes, you are right brother.@swapnilgopal

Tron ka future h kya sacchi?

Jese inka project hena bro, agar pura implement kar diya toh , next GOOGLE play store toh minimum

Wow. Great

Tron is good coin.it is increase after sometime.

Yeah @bhaveshsavani you are right, but it can also be a good long term investment if they implement as they have mentioned in their white paper.

I get news about TRON in my CoinMarketApp every day, but you helped to clarify a lot of the basics for me. By the way, your editing skills are fantastic. Wonderful presentation!

I know another coin that does all that already, has a much bigger user base and more advanced technology. It's called steem

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I 100% agree with you @kabir88, steem is a great platform and hold a lot of potential, but one thing you may like to know that steem is not completely decentralised and is susceptible to censorship as of now.

In what way? And how will Tron be any better?

There are many instances of misuse of power I can give, it's not that I am just saying, I have experienced it myself. So from a decentralised point of view it is not good. I strongly believe that tron will be free from all these.