Are You Prepared for Inevitability or Do You Let It Crush You?

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Hi, Steemians!

As much as I try to encourage people about the idea of embracing change, I have rarely talked about the inevitability of the feat itself.

Evolution is not just an observable force of nature within the limits of life and its definition. Evolution happens on a daily basis, to each and every one of us!

Our progress, our identity, our purpose, our efforts, our character, and everything that fits in the bowl of our existence is defined by evolution and change.

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So, change is not something that always happens voluntarily.

One of the most tragic moments in every man’s life is when he finally realizes some things are out of his control, despite being so simple or obvious.

Change is one of those elements that you cannot fully control. Sure, you may slow down the progress, you may even manage to hinder it.

But change is an inevitability all the same.

It will come for you one day and seize you by the hand. Reject it, and it will seize you by the throat!

This is actually a quote from Winston Churchill who once said:
‘If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat.’

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The most important thing to remember about the evolution of life is that we should be prepared for the inevitability of change.

Whenever there is a chance for a change, or an urge for change, both from within or the outside world, embrace that change and ride the wave to a new dawn.

If you refuse or resist change, the next time, change will take you by the throat.

Then, you will have no choice but to succumb and lose things in the process of adjusting yourself to the new reality.

Because the new reality is coming for you. Make no mistake!

If change comes uninvited, it will take away the things that matter the most to you.

If you embrace it, you have the chance to tweak things to your advantage.

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This is one of things that are easier said than done, because the idea of change is the simple most terrifying things that we all have to face one day.

I have, you have, and a lot of people have. Soon enough, everyone else will realize the truth of life; nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever should!

Free yourself from the weakening grasp of the realm in which you are safe.

Embrace change, because if not, you will be forced to reckon with it!



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Sometimes things happened in an expected way so we must ready for it

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‘If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat.’ I love this!!! So true👌

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The most people dont want to accept change. Thy want to have the same life and same routine without even questioning why they are here on this planet and what is their purpose.

I am ready for any challenge and prepared for the inevitable.

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Hola @chbartist, algunas cosas entre los cambios nos asusta a unos más que a otros pero igualmente debemos prepararnos constantemente para aceptar todos esos cambios que a diario rondan nuestras vidas y aceptándolo podemos llegar comprender que muchas cosas pasan por nuestra historia pero no son parte de nuestro destino.

Hello @chbartist, some things between the changes frighten some more than others but equally we must constantly prepare to accept all those changes that haunt our lives every day and accepting it we can come to understand that many things happen through our history but are not part of our destiny.

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Precisely I am in a process of change, however it has cost me to learn a lot to achieve it and during the process I have gone through the pain but despite everything, I know without any doubt that it is necessary to accept them for there to be meaningful learning. Just opening this publication and reading it has not been a coincidence for me. Thank you very much for thinking positively and generating attraction for it. Happy day!

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