How Would You Fare in a World of Instant Gratification?

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Hi, Steemians!

The true obstacle standing in front of us and the things we want out of life is our predisposition towards a certain lifestyle.

Indeed, our lifestyle choices essentially decide how we spend our time on a daily basis.

What we think, what we say, and what we do all go back to the lifestyle of our choosing.

Even our thoughts are reliant on our lifestyle choices.

What we tend to do and how we have formed our perspective determines the sort of thoughts that occur to us.

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I think the young people in our generation are some of the brightest people to ever grace society with their presence.

But their brilliance is undermined by the society’s tendency to leave them defenseless against the maddening storm of the outside world.

I see a lot of clever people who graduate from top universities and go to work in reputable firms. But after a couple of weeks, they fall into the pit of depression.

‘What’s the problem?’ I ask them, and they usually reply that they want to make an impact on the world, but their current job is not as satisfying.

You see, this is all the problem of a world that prioritizes instant gratification, as opposed to hard work and reward.

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Let us take a look at our social interactions.

The moment we decide that we are lonely or bored, we take up our smartphone and send a message to ten of our friends.

When some of them reply, we get a hit of dopamine. Yes, it feels good. Yes, it takes you out of that wearied zone.

Whenever we crave food, we can take up the phone and order a pizza, which will be delivered within half an hour.

Whenever we want to buy something, we just order it from Amazon and it arrives a day or two later.

This is a world of instant gratification. Our patience is undermined by everything that is happening concurrently in the world surrounding us.

(In the near future, I am going to talk extensively about the properties of instant gratification and how we can leave this mindset behind.)

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A person who lives in a society like that cannot understand the value of hard work and patience.

Great achievements, results or impacts on society require a lot of time and dedication.

Our young generation are standing in front of the mountain and they want to get to the summit, but they refuse to see the climb.

The climb is the most important part, and it takes time and effort.

Without understanding this fundamental truth, you can never be happy, satisfied or fulfilled with your current job.

To make an impact on society, we must first free ourselves from this world of instant gratification.



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Great things come to those who wait! We need to avoid sacrificing long term value for short term gains which makes the journey leas fulfilling.

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No one fares well in a world of instant gratification. Especially not those that believe that they are are doing well in the maelstrom. In time, they realize that the time they spent on these "worldly pursuits" were wasted. The years wasted on nothingness. There's nothing in pushing important things, and people, away to temporarily achieve gratification. The way the internet is now, mainly regarding social media, does make it worse. Social media was the worst creation and it will be up to all of us to help push for the decline in its popularity. To move all things back into the real world and stop putting importance in these online platforms and smart devices.

Some people whose fares with us and their life. They becomes the real leaders for others. Such as the Qaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah for Pakistan.

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Thanks for the post.

This post is so damn right.. You're right, bro..

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The irony of this post title is too great.

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Totalmente de acuerdo, estamos acostumbrados a obtener las cosas de forma instantánea, creo que influye mucho la tecnología que nos permite minimizar esfuerzos, y estamos mal acostumbrando a nuestra mente, la estamos empobreciendo.

im kinda honored to reply to your many posts bro , GrEaT work my frien,

artistour beautiful work uee , thank you good sir for these

Unfortunately, I feel that I have damaged my reward system through my choices and drug abuse and I'm not sure it will ever return to normal. Even with a complete shift to a much healthier and positive way of life, I still find myself needing to use dopamine-on-a-stick to get things done.

This is one of the most interesting posts I've read so far, being a new user I am happy to find you!